Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Well, I know I am crazy but I have the opportunity to open a new business. And the crazy part is I am thinking about it. I have prayed about it and I have put it his ( Gods) hands. It will be a antique shop, and maybe a little scrapbooking on the side. The building I want is up for rent and has a perfect place for crops in the back. Say a little prayer for me.

Friday, December 23, 2005

I just wanted to say Merry Christmas to all of my friends and loved ones. I hope since you have taken the time to sit awhile and read blogs you are relaxing. Remember that Christmas will come whether or not the cream cheese icing was runny or hubby ate a lot of my eggs I had boiled to stuff. Take a breath and remember the relax. As much as possible.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

3 Days till Christmas!!!! Well, I am going to make one last run to Walmart this morning. It is my week to get grocey's and there is nothing here to eat. I am dreading it so much. We have Christmas with Hubby family on Christmas eve lunch and My family Christmas night. So my daughter and grandsons want to eat here on Eve night. ( with left overs all Christmas day) So, I have menu in hand, last minute gift ideas and no desire to shop. Suck it up, be a adult, grow up, be a woman, stand tall, deal with it, you are a grown ass woman. No, that didn't help any. I guess it is the time of the season . I also pulled a mussel in my back and have a throat that feels like raw meat. Like I said tis the season. But don't you just love all the hipe.

Friday, December 16, 2005

9 days till Christmas !

Any idea what this is ? They are" Clackers". I use to play with these when I was a child. I got these in a box at Auction. I knew right away what they where. They are basically 2 large marbles hanging on a string. You swing them together so that you hear the clacking noise. It is possible to get them going sooo fast that they clack above the hand and below. I have them hanging in my studio . I vision of my childhood. The memories of hitting my self and my sibling in the head. My childhood was sooo much fun.... Take a few minutes to remember one toy you enjoyed as a child. Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Bet you didn't know I have a small collection of stuffed Christmas bears. I love an old fashion Christmas. And these bears are part of that. I haven't bought one in quite a few years . Since I quit a full time job. More things are more important, like the newest scrapbooking tool or embellishment. Hope you are having a Beary Merry Christmas.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Hubby is out of town for a few days, and i am still not alone. House is full of people. Getting a little "cabin Fever" the cabin is way too full, kinda feeling. Need my house back. Considered leaving town my self but just want to stay home and won't intrude at Christmas time. So I need a project, hummmm what can I do? I am sure I will think of something. Have a wonderful weekend everyone............

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

A full morning of cropping ! Yeah! I worked a little on my Christmas cards. This layout of grandson #1. ( Girls dig scars) I worked on a little gift for a few friends and added a page in my Christmas journal. And painted angel wings for tomorrows class. I have really enjoyed this morning and now I am going to take a bath. Which is a big thing to me because I don't always get that much time alone to take a tub bath. Calgon is going to take me away and then I need to pick up grandson at school, run to Walmart and cook dinner and finish preparing for tomorrows class. Busy! Busy! but it makes the simple things like a bath so much sweeter. Bubbles here I come!

Monday, December 05, 2005

Don't you love the vintage look. I love finding these vintage Christmas cards. Life was so simple and slow paced in the 50's. Neighborhood Christmas parties or Cocktail parties. And the ladies dresses was so great, with matching gloves,hat and handbags. I just hope my comfortable jeans stay comfortable this season. Pass the goodies.......

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Long day at Jasper store, Holiday extravaganza . Left home this morning at 8 am got home at 7 pm. On my feet most of the day. I think everyone enjoyed. It was dark when I started home and I had the Christmas tune filling up the car. I saw great lights coming home. Twinkle Twinkle , All the Christmas lights. We have noticed that even a shabby rotten shack of a house is beautiful with white lights. And I do admit I like the white twinkle lights. Twinkle Twinkle, I think I have the Christmas spirit. Twinkle Twinkle ,I am tired. Twinkle Twinkle, until later. Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas!!! Twinkle Twinkle, I like typing that word. Twinkle Twinkle, heck I like saying it too.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Another busy day but a busy day at home. I mopped myself to the computer, so I am waiting for the floors to dry. I have washed 6 loads of clothes ( 3 loads of towels). (Who knew we had this many towels)cleaned my bedroom and hung up all the clothes I tried on yesterday getting ready, vacuumed, dusted the whole house , folded all the clothes, loaded the dish washer after cleaning out the fridge, priced and loaded 2 boxes of treasures that need to go to the Antique store, decorated a mini tree for the table top, now all I have is bathroom duty. I always leave it for last. And it is noon. Not bad! But I really need to get to those Christmas cards today. I haven't even started them. I know what I want to make, I really have several ideas floating in my head. We will see how they turn out. Well the floor is dry. Happy Tuesday everyone!

Monday, November 28, 2005

Busy Busy Busy! This is how I will describe the last few days at my house. And I love it! Because it means ' tis the Season. I enjoy Christmas but I have always dreamed of a T.V. Christmas. A story book Christmas with happy people and the smell of home made goodies, laughfter and merriment, Tall decorated tree's, twinkling lights, gifts all wrapped under the tree, Perfectly wrapped, Christmas Music playing in the back ground. Slap me back into reality and to the disfunctional family I have. But a girl can dream can't I? All I want for Christmas is a Norman Rockwell, Martha Stewart Christmas. Still Dreaming!!! I think I will dream for awhile and I will get back to you tomorrow........

Thursday, November 24, 2005

One Thanksgiving Day many years ago, my mother was preparing dinner for the whole family. We had just recently moved to the country and was excited to share a meal with family in our new home. We had all worked hard to make everything just right. Mother had been up early cooking her heart out. She had mixed up the corn bread dressing and was going to take a quick shower before she finished up. My brother walked in and Mom told him not to forget to feed the hunting dogs. ( as she was running down the hallway to take her bath.) He asked if she had scraps and she told him there was some on the table. As you may have guessed. Brother had took out the pan of dressing and feed the dogs. We all chipped in and made more and no one knew what had happened but us. Today we had a wonderful lunch at mom's , and I always think about the Thanksgiving the whole family ( dogs included) had a fulfilling Thanksgiving meal.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Can you hear it?
The sound of air blowing out of my mouth, the sound of pure exhaustion. But this was a good tired. I went Christmas shopping yesterday. A productive day of shopping. I started and finished " my family's" gifts. I also got a few grandson gifts and daughters. I run out of time or I am sure I would have been further along with hubby family. As Martha would say it was a good day. I got all I needed for Thanksgiving dinner too. Never has a day of shopping went so well. I am thankful for a productive day of Christmas shopping. Now got to start cooking. Happy Thanksgiving all!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

I layed in bed last night with my brain exploding with an idea. I could see it all too well and was so tired I waited until this morning to try my idea. I lost it, it did not work out and now I am trying to fix it. Sometimes when I have these page ideas, they just don't happen. I can try and try and nothing. So I layed it to the side which means I have given up on this page. I say I will go back to it and fix it, but it won't happen. I have already moved on to a CD case frame for a gift. It come together really well. I am pleased with it. So how has your week been? Productive or Just not Happen.

Monday, November 14, 2005

How was your Weekend?
Went on a Ladies Retreat Weekend. 25 to 40 women ,cabin on the lake. Falling leaves, cool nights, fire in the fire places,out to eat Friday night,good food, lots eating,birthday cake, napping, playing cards, walking, stayed up playing cards,watching movies, playing games, reading, talking , laughing, some watched football games, scavenger hunt,(our group won ) jello shooters, relaxing, sleeping, eating some more, up early in morning, coffee on the deck overlooking the lake, adult talk, phone only rang 3 time all weekend, not for me, baked sweet potatoes with butter, played more cards, talked a lot, slept by fire light, much needed rest,lots of fun. Came home took a nap.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Well. it is pretty close, I like it. It is really pink!

I love it!!!!

Even a Blind Hog finds a acorn sometimes!

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Isn't this shabby and yummy looking. I found this through a blog and thought this was the most beautiful
wreath I have seen. I have collected vintage glass ornaments for years. And pick them up at the Thrift stores. So I plan on trying to make me one of these. And the colors are perfect. I started picking up pink items at all the auctions and I do not have a pink room in my house. Maybe I need to re-decorate a room. But not now after the Holidays will be soon enough.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

As you have read my Blog, I am sure you have realized I am certified. A certified " Raving Lunatic". On the edge at times and the only way I can work through it is to write it down , cry, cry some more and drive my dear hubby crazy. Most of the time after I write, it all seems better. But this is deep and the hurt won't go away. I DO want to forget the fact that I wrote this so people can read my rantings. And I am not going to grow old gracefully, I will be the one kicking and screaming all the way to the looney bin. And for the one who read my blog this week, I grabbed that glowing eyed birthday monster and chocked her to death, until her eyes bugged out of her head. I am sure she will re-coop by next year and deal me fits once again. It is part of growing old and the changing friendships. I am going out now and try to change my mood. So if you see a woman coming toward you with red eyes, birthday monster guts dripping from her finger tips, I would step away. Run in the opposite direction and don't look back.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Happy Birthday to Me !!! It is "MY" birthday and I will cry if I want to!!!!

Well, another year has passed with only two crying spells, yelling at my beloved hubby only a few times, and disappointment for 4 days, so far. It is over, my 45th birthday came with no party, no visitors, no trips to celebrate. I hear my self blubber but I can't stop. The glowing eyes of the birthday monster has reared her ugly head at my house. I think it is worse this year because I was expecting more. Forty-five is a milestone. I am always expecting more. I didn't want bands and banner. But I did expect more. As the days passed I thought friends would visit and celebrate, just any minute. But as reality set in, I sit here blubbering again. So make that 3 times , I have burst into tears. Hubby did stay home with me on my Birthday and we had a wonderful day. I love birthdays and I think everyone should celebrate a week long, we deserve it! I'm just a silly old women, another year older. If 45 can do this to me, I really want to warn all to run take cover cause 50 is next!!!! The year is 2005. Remember you have been warned!!!!

Thursday, November 03, 2005

The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.~ Oprah Winfrey

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Oh, my goodness batman!!!! Candy! Candy! Candy! I gave in to the big green monster, and ate candy last night. Chocolate was my candy of choice. Reeses, Crunch, Baby Ruth, Bom Bom, and Halloween coin crunchy things, my! I haven't eaten this much in Years. I don't buy it because we don't have Treat or Treaters. ( we live too far off the road) I always pick up a bag of what my Hubby likes and Bubble gum just in case. But when Grandson #1 game in with a bag full and poured it all out in the floor, I was drawn to the Chocolate. It was calling my name......Jerri ....... Jerri...... Eat me! So I did! It really did not have to convince me!!!! I hope everyone had a save and Happy Halloween.

Friday, October 28, 2005

I have a creative block! This is happening alot to me. Sometimes I seem to not get pages done fast enough and then the next day I can't come up with a good looking page at all. So I have not forced it and I am taking a break. I have only sat in my room to be on the computer. I even got my new CK magazine this week. Oh, well on to another story. I picked Grandson #1 up from school today and i could tell he had been crying. His eyes was puffy and he was not smiling. So I ask and he would not say a word. I Knew he did not want everyone to see him cry. So as we pulled off he burst into tears and I got out of him that they gave out the prizes for the top sellers in the fundraising today. The one we had decided not to participate in because we had too much going on at this time. And it is not like they won't have more. He said they got balls and light up ink pens. It was not the big stuff he was upset about but the little junk. SO what was Nanny idea. Let's run by the store ( Dollar General) and you can pick out something that you want. He got a lighted pen and once again Nanny saved the afternoon.......Have a great weekend yall!

Thursday, October 27, 2005

I can't believe it is Thursday already. This week has flown by and so has the year. I seen on line this morning that there is only 59 day until Christmas. I don't want to alarm anyone but have you started your shopping yet? I have one item on layaway. I had bought a few things but it is sooo hard not to go ahead and give them. So I am almost back to square one. Oh,well I am not going to stress this year. I believe I say this every year. But we all need to slow down and enjoy the season. Enjoy the fact that we have family, a home and friends to celebrate with. We have a tradition that my mom started long ago. We eat cake on Christmas morning. We celebrate Jesus Birthday. Don't you love traditions.

May all the joy of the season be yours.
may your neighbors respect you,
troubles neglect you,
the Angeles protect you,
and heaven accept you.

Friday, October 21, 2005

I have a class in Jasper tomorrow and today I got an e-mail that............are you ready? Starbucks has a new Pumpkin Spice Latte . I am soooo sad and predictable. I went to the web site to find a store locator. To see if there is a Starbucks in Jasper or on my way. I think I remember one on the left about 1/2 way up hwy 78. But I can't seem to find it on the store locator. But if there is you better believe this gal will be stopping for one tomorrow. YUMMMMMMMMMY!!!!!!

Thursday, October 20, 2005

~Thursday Quote~
The Woman who works with her hands is only a laborer....
The Woman who works with her hands and her head is a crafts woman....
The Woman who works with her hands and her heart is an artist.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Do you have a favorite pair of jeans? Do they have holes in them? Are they new? Dark or light wash? Flared or bootcut? Are they like a old friend, they bring you comfort and joy . They sometimes hide the way you feel, sad and fat. They sometimes make you feel slimmer and happy. Oh, yeah that wonderful pair of jeans can be your best friend or your enemy. I have had lots of "FAVORITE" jeans over the years. Isn't it funny how we find comfort in a old, ragged, worn out pair of jeans. In this picture grandson #2 has his very first pair of jeans. They won't last long, he is growing so fast. But I guarantee he will find comfort in a ragged pair of jeans someday.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Quote Thursday
I have a notebook by my computer for these Quotes I run across on the internet. Some funny, some meaningful,some for inspiration. So from now on I want to share a Quote on Thursdays. Depending on my mood. This simply means that by Thursday I am brain dead and need all the inspiration I can get. Well here we go........
God usually speaks in a whisper.....Listen for it.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Look at this smile! This sweetheart can make me smile and make me cry at the drop of a hat. Friday night his mom brought him some french fries as a prize.( His favorite) He has been improving alot with his reading and had recieved an award this week. Well, he was sooooo happy , and I also love these F.F. I grabbed at him and said give me some, I was good this week too. He turned and ran right into the door facing trying to get away from me. He was laying on the floor screaming so fast, I just knew he had busted his head open. His mother grabbed him, paw paw grabbed him, and all I could do was cry. We seen ( or should I say they seen )that there was a big goose egg and no blood. I was so Thankful! But he would not have anything to do with me for quite awhile. It broke my heart. I am sure it will not be the last time either. He did come and hug my neck and tell me it was an accident. And all is well now. I do love this smile !

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Buttons *Buttons* Buttons I have the Buttons. I love to collect. And this is one of my many collections. It all started when my aunt gave me a jar of buttons. And they were in a old blue jar. So I bid on buttons all the time and blue jars to put them in. They are lined up on my shelf in my studio. I even went as far as each jar has a different color. Pictures is dark but I love this look, Hey , I love Buttons!!!!!

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

I have been trying to upload this picture all last week with no luck. When I saw I could, I did. So this is my latest antique auction goodies. Several hundred books of matches, 200 swizzle sticks and this cute table. I got the table for only $10.00 . I love getting items to add to my pages.

Just a word of warning, this is a RANT!!!! I have a dysfunctional family. I am the oldest of four. Two boys two girls. Every once in a while I forget this fact and try to have a loving family get together. It has been awhile since we have had a family dinner so when I realized it was my nephews 13th birthday this week , I ask everyone to join us Sunday. We were to go out Sunday afternoon, to a restraunt I had been told about. First my Daughter said if your brothers are going to be there I am not going. She refused to go, but I could take grandson #1. ( that was sweet of her) I had go get my sister and the birthday boy because my sister at age 40 will not learn to drive( this is another rant). When I got there her face was swollen and she has a sinus infection. I could tell she was not going to be fun today. We all met at mom's except brother #2, just call him and he will meet us there. So we left, we had to go get French fries for grandson because he will not eat anything but....Mom ask my little brother his girl friend and her 2 children to ride with her and dad. That put 4 people in the back seat of a mid-size car. At one point ( I was told) Mom decided to pull her seat up to give them more room, and it went back instead, as the little boy had bent over to get something out of the floor board. Mom squished the child and he cried all the way to the restraunt. We all got there about the same time and as we headed in I realized it was buffet. ( I am not crazy about this) Mom got a waitress to seat us and she headed to the back. A room full of dirty tables stacked with plates, food on the floor, chairs turned over and one waiter trying to get control over it. The waitress walked off. We stood for over 15 minutes waiting. Another waitress came by and I ask her if she could help. She did and we had a nice dinner. The kids had a table to their self. ( right next to us) The 3 boys ticked off my niece. She cried and pouted. Which up set my brother and he was not happy when we left. So I ask grandson what was said , he said all she was talking about was her new friend and her cat, and so one of them called her silly and stupid, had a talk after we got home but My sister screamed at the birthday boy all the way home, in my car. Thank goodness it is over and I ask hubby to remind me next time I have another big idea about the perfect family dinner. My birthday is in a few weeks and I DO NOT WANT A FAMILY OUTING!!!!!!I think I will stay in bed with a blanket over my head.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Found the air dry clay, it was just where I had put it! I guess!!! I thought I would be much older when I started to misplace things. Well, I will be 45 years old in 34 days!

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

I need inspiration!! I have searched all the usual places, e-bay, blogs,websites and magazines. But nothing! I can't get this caption out of my head " CAUGHT SMILING" in fall colors. I have great pictures for this page but I have lost it. It is not the only thing I have lost. I can't find my air dry clay. I know I had it when I was in transition to my new studio. It is like the pink flamingo best friend mis-laid. She called and I sent her some. But I am not giving up on this clay. I know it is here somewhere. I wanted to roll a oak leaf into it and let it dry, then emboss it. Sound pretty easy but I just need to find it and some creativity.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Don't you just love this paper, again I have an obsession with paper. Looks fall, but I can use it for the whole season. Class project for October.  Posted by Picasa

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Dear Hubby and I trying to download pictures to this blog. Well, lets see if it goes through. I such a computer dumbie. I usually just run across it and work through it. Any way, my dear hubby and I were at the beach several years ago in this picture. Since ,we both have quit smoking and gained a few pounds. I think I would live on the beach if I had the chance. Hubby ask me ( after all the hurricanes) would you still live on the beach, I told him with no uncertainty that I would. I would just head in-land if there was a threat and re- build again after we were hit. He on the other hand is a country, mountains, hunting fool . Takes me to the beach, only comes out in the morning. I stay out in the sun all day .....Love it!

Dating 101- loved the color's used. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Lazy Saturday.........You know that feeling, Don't want to do anything. Just be! This is the feeling I have today. I am just being here and not a lot more. I fell so quite, relaxed and free. Maybe free is not the word but relaxed is.....There is major chaos going on around me but I don't hear it. There is a ball game on the radio, cartoons on in the livingroom, the dish washer is going, dryer is on, grandson #1 turning cartwheels in the den, Grandson #2 ( 7 months) is nannnnnnnnnnnna whining in his walker, but I am perfectly relaxed. I wonder how long this will last. Think I will go to my room and close the door, before it ends. And enjoy it !!!!

Friday, September 23, 2005

A page challenge-Thing( s) I Love........ Had to think about this one. Well. The obvious is family, friends, and all the feeling that come along with being in love, being a mother and grandmother. Waking up each morning, being fairly healthy, my home , my world, my god. So what can I create. Maybe something about just ME. I have this little obsession with old jars and buttons. Everytime a jar of buttons come up for auction, I bid. My aunt Callie Ruth gave me a jar several years ago. She was brought up to use everything. I am sure she had cut them off of all her families clothing for years. Only to use the clothing for rags until you could not use them any more. I loved looking at these buttons and thinking they had come from clothing before I was even born. New and old. I realize now that some buttons are worth $ but to me they are worth much more. A memory of days gone and little old women using it all. This is my page - I am a Button Junkie.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

I love getting new scrapbooking goodies! And when bestfriend sends me a goodie bag , I get sooo excited and have to try them out. Her store has different things than, I can get here. And I got new paper in the Jasper store on Saturday. YEAH!!!! I have been picking out pictures to go with all the new pretty paper I got. I even got the camera and took a couple of pictures to go with the paper I got. I need help. Going to have a photo shoot next week with the grandsons, to go with the new black and white paper I got. Got a class on Thursday night, it is going to be good to see my buddies. I was sooo excited with the new paper on Sunday I came up with a cute layout. I would download it if I knew how to. Got to get someone to show me. haha It is a dating layout. Pam's daughter is dating for the first time. I wish I had taken pics of Jessica's first date.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Shhhhhh.......I am all alone in my house. It is soooooo quite you can hear the birds outside and the water in the garden pond. Daughter and grandson's have moved back in ( almost 2 months now). No one is at home but me, on a Saturday, and it is great. Most nights as hubby and I go to bed, I whisper to him "I want my house back". I would never say this to daughter cause I know she is trying to get her head above water. The boys are well, let's face it , they are boys and 7 and 7 months, It is just great to be here with Nanny and PawPaw. They are getting alot of attention. Class went well today. First time at new scrapping store. Had 11 people taking the class. Not back for 1st time to see my work. Even sold the samples. Got feedback from the ladies they want to take a card class next month too. Got a class at Michael's Thursday night, got to get busy and design it. Maybe while the house is quite. Turn on some music and create.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Thank Goodness it is Friday! Crop night tonight* really looking forward to the visiting part, not sure what I will take to work on.

today's To do list:
wash clothes
go to the grocey store
gather crop stuff
pack for the 3 classes tomorrow
fix snack for crop( choc oatmeal cookies)
pick up grandson from school
fill car up with gas ( hubby called- station has gas for $2.49 for now)
Try and get another page done on beach altered book
I love it. Staying busy, I will rest next week.......

Thursday, September 15, 2005

New to the Blog, but I am going to give it a try. It is just like keeping a journal ( I do that) I can do this! Her we go my intro- I am 44, wife, mother of one daughter and grandmother of two grandsons. I Scrapbook, create altered books, love to read, go to auctions ( this is where the junque comes in at) , and I am a member of a organization that raises money for a children's hospital. I do teach scrapbooking classes and really enjoy it. This has been a wonderful time in my life. I am doing what I enjoy and sometimes I even get payed alittle. Well, who am I kidding, I spend it all on supplies. Because I NEED it!!!!!
We recently enlarged a room and now I have a " studio". This has taken alot of my time lately, getting it just like I like it. Hubby realized these are hobbies that are here to stay.