Friday, March 28, 2008

It is show and tell Friday again, so grab a cup of coffee, a tall glass of ice tea, or a stiff drink and sit back and enjoy!
I started collecting the little forks first. I think one was grandmothers. A odd piece, a pickle fork, I believe. Then I liked the cute little shapes and sis boom ba, another collection had been established. Then came the spoons and the Butter knifes, now I just pick them up when I find them.
Did I mention, I like odd things. So at a estate sell, a year ago ( of my x-sister in laws grandmother) I found Yogi Bear. Had to have him, childhood memories and all. So the collection has continued for several years, not all of them are silver and it doesn't matter, it is the funky shape. And the memories. Happy Friday!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Spring/Easter Bunco
Door Hanging
Centerpiece for the food table

If you have been around me the last few weeks you know Mom and i was to host Bunco this month. I had been going crazy trying to create something that would "WOW " the ladies. So the pictures below /above are what I did. And they enjoyed it all. Thank goodness it is over and you only have to host once a year. I have joined Teresa Mcfayden - Bellatoria Art zine again this month and most of the ideas came from it. Have a great Monday.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Friday, March 21, 2008

It's Good Friday!!!!
Many things come to mind of good Friday.
My grandfather use to say the garden needed to be planted by good Friday,
I bet this year would have been an exception.
We were out of school .
Mom was finishing up her last minute shopping.
My pretty new dress, hat, gloves, purse, and shoes were all bought for Sunday.
We always tried to lay a trap for the Easter bunny, like a sheet in the floor. We had plans to be awake and capture him/her in the sheet. And we spent hours coming up with this plan and then, we fell asleep .
But as I grow older this day means so much more.
Take the time today,
to remember.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

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Monday, March 17, 2008

St. Paddy's Day Fun Monday
This week's host is Nikki!
And her Fun Monday theme are the following; 1.) I don't know about you, but my family is great at creating strange words that only we know the meaning. Some were created when the kids were first learning to talk, others came about when our tongues were twisted and the word came out funny. Either way, the words stuck and we still use them in our daily conversations. What created words does your family use?! Please share the story behind the word if you remember. If you don't have a made up word then tell us about the unspoken way you communicate with someone. Do you and your significant other have a look that means "This party is boring, lets split" or do you have a look that your kids know means their butt is in serious trouble? Please share!! And a picture of the look would be very entertaining!
1.PIE- when DD was a toddler she wanted pie, I told her I did not have any Pie, but she had been to see my grandmother with my dad, she always had baked goods. Case closed- No, she kelp on wanting pie. We were at Dads again a week or so later and she asked for Pie, I told her sweetie there is no pie, getting really upset, I had been telling her this for weeks now. My dad got up and said, she is wanting water, that is what she call water. She had been thirsty for weeks, and her own Mom wasn't jive to her language.
2. Panti-tards- again DD had her own language. She wore leotards under her dresses, I wore panti hose- She called them Panti- tards.
3. Wing Wing- I will try and keep this PG* You know children name their body parts. Grandson #1 called his a wing wing. Thinking, that wing wing was not a good name, I told him he had a penis. He laughed and went running to everyone in the house, laughing so hard and saying, Nanny said I have a penis. Isn't she funny!!!!!!! Grandson #2 is more outspoken. He tells everyone even people at the shop, I have a wing wing! do you have a wing wing? Then he will go on to say nanny don't have a wing wing, but paw paw has a wing wing. Two year olds are a trip.
Well, I can't think of any more this morning , so 3 is enough for this week.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Let's remember that today is Palm Sunday. Take the time this week to reflect and
give thanks.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

What is it?
The lady I bought this from said it was to clean you paint brushes and leave then to dry in the coiled wire.

Friday, March 14, 2008

It is time for another episode of Show and Tell Friday.
But I am limited on time so I am going to combine this show and tell with a What is it?
Can you? Could you? Tell me what this is!
We have an idea, but we are not sure.
So leave me a post and I will let you know what we think on Saturday.
Have a Happy Friday!!!!!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

This is my first addition to the Thursday Thirteen on March 13th.

And I was thinking, which can be very dangerous, what 13 interest will I post. Well, this is what I decided to do, I have small, sometimes strange collections and so since my blog is called Jerri's Junque, here is a look into some of my junque.
1. I love the colbolt blue bottle. And when people know this they gift them to you.
2. I have a small collection of Dice. This started when I was creating projects with game boards. and I just put them in a bowl. Collection started.
3. The green glass is a memory of my grandmother Ida. So I collect them, when I can get them at a good price.
4.Sea shells and small sea shell boxes. Did I tell you I love the beach?
5. So there is also a collection of pink flamingos, to go along with the sea theme. Some are bells and some are Salt and Pepper shakers.
6. The baby on the toilet is a odd collection. I like odd things, mostly small things. Like a rocking horse and a couple of ducks. I can't explain this collection.
7. Handkerchiefs- collected them to make a curtain to go in the grandmother room, now DD is back home and this has been put on hold.
8. I love these little pot holders, with the red roses. I even have a pillow cover and apron.
9. Remember the little notebooks your grandfather had in his front shirt pocket. Well, this is also a collection. Some are blank and some are written in. Some men wrote everything in his little book.
10. White pottery, I know she has a little red on her, and it makes her stand out. And I like it.
11. The tray these items are on is also a collection. I love the old white, trimmed in red enamel.
12. It is hard to see but there is a little salt and pepper with a turquoise lid. This a also a mini collection. This means I only have 6 or so.
13. And #13 collection is packed away, because DD has moved back in, I collect Tutwiler Hotel postcards and paper work. Like menus, envelopes ect. This hotel was built in Birmingham many years ago in the 20's or 30's and was tore down in the 70's. I remember watching it on T.V.
So now you have slipped into the wacky world of Jerri's Junque. Not all of my items are strange, and most was started because I can't throw things away, or let go of them. Oh, there is many more and there always will be, I guess i am just a junque collector.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Wordless WednesdayJoin the fun over at Mariposa's place or WW Headquarters.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tag! 123 Meme

Jenn you know the saying that paybacks are He!!

Thanks for the tagging Jenn.

Per Jenn:Pick up the nearest book of 123 pages or more (no cheating).Find page 123.Find the first 5 sentences.Post the next three sentences.Tag 5 people. It has to stop here, so I will not be tagging anyone. You can thank me with chocolate. Here is my book.

Well, let's see there is a dictionary, a cookbook, phonebooks and papers. Lots of papers. But no books. So I will turn my chair to the nearest bookshelf. Oh, here they are and closing my eyes, I pull out Miracles- poems by children-collected by Richard Lewis. Where did this come from? I don't remember this book, as I see the red Thrift store price. So looking for page 123, a poem about trees:

It shrinks, twists, sways

as it's nearly ready to fall,

till at last its time has come

for it hits the mighty ground.

It's nearly daybreak

and the tree is still there

as it gradually crumbles away,

till at last it is gone

and nothing has begun

for that lonely tree.

-John Hunter, age 12

Well, you ask for it, but to save the day , here is a pic of the snowman hubby built on Saturday. I wanted to play in the snow and hubby joined me. We were like kids again, if only for a few minutes.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Fun Monday is being hosted by I.T. Guy this week.

Here is his idea:Give me 5!!I need YOU (yes, the wonderful YOU!) to pick 5 memorable lines from 5 different movies (if you could tell us which character said it and to whom, would be a bonus)...and tell us to WHOM (who in the people in your life) you could have said those lines.

Fried Green Tomatoes*

We are older and have more insurance

Steel Magnolias*

Clairee: Hit this! Go ahead M'Lynn, slap her!

Divine Secrets of Ya Ya*

Why doesn't someone go to the bathroom?

It always makes the food come.

Bridges of Madison County*

Robert Kincaid: Don't kid yourself Francesca: you are anything but a simple woman.

Men in Black*

Jay: You do know Elvis is dead, right?

Kay: No, Elvis is not dead. He just went home.

Friday, March 07, 2008

It is time for
Show and Tell Friday!
I am a DON!

Daughters of the Nile and we are committed to supporting the important work of Shriners Hospitals for Children.

The members of Daughters of the Nile are proud of the record of generosity and are dedicated to their philosophy of “working together for the children.” By continuing our unwavering support of Shriners Hospitals, Daughters of the Nile are doing their part to help children lead better lives.

This picture is of a few of my fellow clowns. They were at the hospital, celebrating the 80th year of the Greenville Hospital. There was a carnival for the children And these ladies was getting ready
to paint faces.
We had a wonderful time but what was important, the children had more fun!
I have these ladies on my mind because, yesterday I had a young lady come into my shop, a regular and tell me she was a Shriners Kid.
I love hearing that we have helped.
This is why I am a

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Tag your it!
I have been tagged by Jeri over at
What if's?
1. What is I could meet someone in the art world to chat with? This is easy, it would be Tim Holtz, I did take every class he offered at CKU in Nashville last year. So I have meet him, but to chat in his studio and look over his shoulder would be #1.
2. What if I could have one wish granted to benefit all mankind? This is a hard one! I know world peace has been said so I have to say someone worth a Sh!# to run for president. Enough said.
3. What if I could travel anywhere in the world? All my friends would say, she is going to say the beach again. But I am going to surprise you and say Ireland. The more I read about Ireland and watch on T.V and on the movies. The hill are alive with the sound of music, no I think that was Switzerland. Anyway, I would pick Ireland.
4. What if I could live in a period other than the present, for 24 hours? I would have to say the 40's, I love the dresses of that era, the prim and proper . Can you tell I am a old movie freak. Give me a old movie and I am a happy camper. My fav is The unsinkable Molly Brown.
5. What if I could make over three areas of my body? My Butt, My Butt and tummy.
6. What if I could become an animal for 24 hours? A mermaid, I love the beach.( fiction) A eagle that can fly, free as a bird. (ha)
7. What if I could bring back someone to life for 24 hours? I have lost all of my grandparents, and believe me I would love to talk to all of them for 24 hours. So I can't pick just one. But a hug from my paw paw always made me feel good.
Now it is time to choose a couple of people to carry on this tag so

Monday, March 03, 2008

I have been busy today, I think I have my creative groove back. I have been in a slump and I believe I am pulling my self out. This is a tag, I created using a free image on my friend Jeri's blog .
She is a amazing mixed media artist. You might want to check her out sometime.
Oh, I am so honored to have been chosen, I want to thank my family , my friends, and my god .
With out you I would be a blogger without this award. haha
No really Thank you Jennifer for thanking of me. And I would be even more thankful if your hubby never knew I was the one that got you started in bloggin. But it keeps us off the streets. And our families always know where we are, at the computer.
Now, I must tell you what we did on the most beautiful Sunday of the year, ( so far). We went to auction, almost in Tenn. Ric only has 4 auctions or so a year and he has items that are differnt. Alot of his items are brought in from other states and I have been in the hunting and gathering mood lately. Sorry, I do not have pictures, we took everything by the shop yesterday. But maybe tomorrow. I did get a few boxes of paper, tools, glassware and coke crates ect. Oh, it was a fun day. It has been awhile since hubby and I had a day alone. It was a good thing!
Have a great day everyone.