Friday, March 28, 2008

It is show and tell Friday again, so grab a cup of coffee, a tall glass of ice tea, or a stiff drink and sit back and enjoy!
I started collecting the little forks first. I think one was grandmothers. A odd piece, a pickle fork, I believe. Then I liked the cute little shapes and sis boom ba, another collection had been established. Then came the spoons and the Butter knifes, now I just pick them up when I find them.
Did I mention, I like odd things. So at a estate sell, a year ago ( of my x-sister in laws grandmother) I found Yogi Bear. Had to have him, childhood memories and all. So the collection has continued for several years, not all of them are silver and it doesn't matter, it is the funky shape. And the memories. Happy Friday!


Joyfull said...

I love small butter knives. You have a great collection!

Simply Heart And Home said...

Such interesting flatware! I just love to go to antique sales and such.

Have a blessed day!

Muum said...

Those are wonderful. How do you display them?

Jerri junque said...

And the funny thing is, I had to go hunt for them, because they were in a drawer, not beging displayed. I have to come up with a way to show them off.

jennifer said...

I already know about you liking Odd things, you've got me and Jenn for friends!!LOL!

Very cool collection. It is so very "Jerri".


Constance said...

Your opening was great! A stiff drink...Ha Ha!

Cute collection! I have an olive fork. It's a spoon with fork tines so I guess it makes it a spork. It's made of plastic from Tupperware and not the Taco bell variety! A tad more classy!
Thanks for sharing

Hootin' Anni said...

Oh wow...........that one fork in the center [shaped like the tines are a big "W"] is so interesting!!! What a great collection.

Mine's shared, I hope, if you haven't already, you can find time to stop by for a visit.

Penless Thoughts said...

Nice collection. Do you display them?

cherished*vintage said...

I love your show and tell! I have an addiction to butter knives and small forks too. I use mine all the time. They're fun to collect cause they don't take up to much space. Thanks for sharing!

Jewelgirl said...

Old flatware has character, I
have a few pieces I've collected.
I use them on holidays.

Lizbeth King - Persimmon Possum Designs said...

Loved seeing your little forks and knives. I like collecting odd things too... seems like I pick up something that appeals to me and pretty soon, I see another, then I have 3, and a new collection is born!

Kindra said...

I love your collection! Do you display them a certain way? Thanks for sharing!

jennifer said...

Did I tell you today is Em's Birthday? I don't think that I did. Like you said, we didn't get any time yesterday to just TALK!

Swing by and read today's post and leave her a b'day wish if you get time. You know she'll want to hear from "Miss Jerri".


JennV said...

I love your collection of collections! :) Yogi looks so proud there with his "highbrow" neighbors!