Saturday, May 31, 2008

Friday, May 30, 2008

With a uneventful week, I am determined to post. So I will post about the top 10 things I like at this moment. Which can change at the drop of a hat.
1. Gummy worms- can't get enough
2. fountain drink- diet coke
3. yellow box sandals
4. stir fry
5. quite time to read in my bubble bath
6. crunching ice
7.working in my yard
8. riding our 4-wheeler
9. hearing a whippoorwill
10. old keys- started a small collection.
Maybe I will make a wind chime out of them.
Have a good weekend!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Our Strawberry Season is coming to a close for another year. Only a day or two left and they will be gone for another year. I have thought for the last two years I would post a berry recipe each day during our season, but when the strawberries are ready there is no time for posting on the blog. But today I am home early because of the rain in our area and I was looking at my grandmother recipe book. Anytime you went to grandmothers, you came home with a jar of something or a sock it to me cake. So today I am giving you a simple recipe for Mock Strawberry jam.
Grandmother had Figs, lots of fig trees, but no strawberries. I can't tell you where she came up with this recipe but it is so good. I think better than strawberry jam.
3 cups of crushed figs
3 cups sugar
2 -3oz box strawberry jello
cook for 3 minutes.
place in jars and seal.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

How to use Your IRS Rebate check...
As you may have heard, each of us will be getting a tax rebate check to stimulate the economy.If we spend that money at Wal-Mart, all the money will go to China.
If we spend it on gasoline it will go to the Arabs.
If we purchase a computer it will go to India.
If we purchase fruits and vegetables it will go to Honduras and Guatemala.
If we purchase a good car it will go to Japan.
If we purchase useless stuff it will go to Taiwan and none of it will help the American economy. We need to keep that money here in America. The only way to keep that money here at home is to spend it at yard sales, since those seem to be the only businesses left owned by Americans!!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Just a quick note for you to join Jennifer @ her new blog site
Don't go to this site if you are in a hurry and just want to check it out right quick.
STOP - Wait until you have the time to give it all your attention.
It will be well worth it.
God bless,

Thursday, May 22, 2008

I have a interesting post today, You never know where they come from .
Jenn over at had a interesting day. And as I read her personal ad, I thought I would have fun with mine.

Female, knocking on 50's door. Short, round , hard worker, but hates house cleaning. Loves to cook at her leisure. Not cleaning the kitchen. Out door, (sitting I mean), no strenuous gardening, hiking, out of the question. Would rather not watch sports, loves reading, scrap booking and other crafting. Love long bubble baths and a good book or magazine. Occasional glass of crown and coke. No wine for me.
Loves the beach, sitting on a front porch, sipping ice tea, listening to 60's/70's oldies. Travel a must at least 4 times a year ( I can dream can't I) . Party planner, giving several a year.
Business owner, loves Antique/junk, and receiving flowers for no reason. Voices in my head say I need them more often than I get them. Be expected to get out of my way when I have plans with my girlfriends, baby sit my grandson and be available when I need affection. Must buffer argument with 29 year old daughter that lives in my house. I am a early riser, in bed by ten, okay, nine some nights, up by 5:30. Gum chewer, since I quit smoking 6 years ago. Loves chocolate, see above ROUND reference. Would trade my last jewel for a bag of potato chips.
I could go on and on, but I have to get to work. Happy Thursday Everyone.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Jenn at has taken you on a tour of her little piece of heaven. Here is a tour of the wildflowers I see at the strawberry patch. We are on the downside of the season and I have more time to spare between customers. So sit back and turn up the smell-a-vision on your PC. Do you smell the sweet nectar of the honeysuckles? The last picture you might want to turn down the smell-a-vision a little, these are the hedge bushes that has my allergies all acting crazy. Dad says they are just weeds, but even weeds have flowers. So walk outside today and smell the honeysuckles and look for flowers. Even the most ugly weed has a flower.

Monday, May 19, 2008

It's Fun Monday over at Mariposa's Tales. ( )
And this week the subject is collections.
We all have them...and if you don't, you just may not realize it. For some reason or another we all collect something and we collect it for reasons that will definitely make for good reading. So on Monday, I want to see your collection. If you don't have or don't want or CAN'T (wink) show us a picture, then tell us what the collection is in 10 words or less. Then tell us why you started collecting it.
I have to confess, I do have a few collections.
Most of them have just fallen into my lap so to speak.
So on your mark, get set go........
1. dice
2. thimbles
3. blue glass bottles
4. white pottery
5. green Oatmeal glass
6. Handkerchiefs
That get the front room
7. sea shells,
8.books on the ocean,
9. pink flamingos
10. Teal- ocean color pottery
11. did I say sea shells, there is alot of them.
Now into the kitchen
12 books with red covers
13 swan planters
14. red enamel pot, pan
15. dishes, I have 9 sets
16. red handle kitchen tools
17. those crochets pot holders that are white with a red rose in the center.
but they are packed away, not sure how to display them.
18. all the scrub boards and
19. clothes pins
20. a few old irons
I even have a modern one somewhere, I use occasionally.
21. Anything with the #13 on it, Hubby favorite number
22. Buttons, just a few and
23. blue ball jars to keep them in
24. wooden thread spools
25. costume jewelry pieces, not good ones. Broken ones to use in craft projects.
26. Boyds and Bears- packed away
27. Tutwiller Hotel memorabilia
There is something about that old hotel that I am drawn to.
28. pin cushions
29. some pink glass- I am selective about this one.
30. I am a scrapbooker, so there is a room for that collection.
Face it, there is so many that I will stop here. I can't possibly name them all. And I never started out as a collector. it just happened. But it makes me happy and if I decide I am tied of my little collection, I can take it to the store and sell it to another collector.
Happy Monday Everyone.

Friday, May 16, 2008

It is that time again , time to enjoy all the goodies at Show and Tell Friday.

This may look like a ordinary wood frame that someone( me) has attempted to improve the look of this sad frame, by adding material. I love this frame. My aunt Toots ( don't you just love the name) gave this to me after I opened the shop. She said her boys had made it out of wood from the old chicken house. My first memory of the chicken house , was it being torn down. It had seen it's better days and brush had grown up in it and it was falling in. I was very young, alot of years ago. Who would have known I would get so excited about some wood from chicken house.
So this is not the only piece of wood I have. When teenagers burned the covered bridge on my road down, I drug a piece of smokin wood home to save. And when we was building our house, I wanted wood off the barn to use as trim. The tradition still lives in my house. And I think about my grandparents building that barn, to protect the animal from the cold and rain. They were farmers and lived off the land.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Join me over at " Fro me to you" for Thursday Fun.
This is my grandmother house. There is a porch swing, and I am standing on the other side of the street, taking the picture. This is a very close community. Do you see the deck on the side of the house, we added this just a few years before this picture was taken. But that area is where we fought over who was going to sit on the ice cream freezer. It was always a place of honor. We had our folding lawn chairs, all sit in a circle, waiting for the cream to freeze.
We always played on this side of the house in the shade.
by dusty dark we were all sitting on the screened in porch. we would talk to the neighbors that walked past. I remember alot of people walked, to, any where.
This picture was taken about 9 years ago, after we left the cemetery.
I am glad I took pictures of this house.
I had alot of good memories there.
Since it has been sold, chanced, improved, I am sure.
But to me this is the way I want to remember my grandmother house.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Friday, May 09, 2008

It is Show and Tell Friday and Laundry Day!
So grab those dirty clothes, start that washer, get the towels out of the dryer and while you are folding, sit and read along.
Can you remember your mom. ironing and sprinkling the clothes?
I can, and she would sometimes put them in the fridge to stay cool.
Did they iron any better?
Well, thank goodness for modern conveniences.
I would never want to wash the laundry down at the creek with a washboard or by beating it on a rock, hang the sheets on a line to dry while the iron heated on the stove, the wood stove.
Oh, come on, face it, we are spoiled. And I love it.
I am still on the look out for the machine that will fluff and fold for me. Maybe put them in the drawers and hang up the shirts.
But I do enjoy collecting , so I have a small collection of laundry items. I love the clothes pin and Yes! I do hang out my laundry in the spring. I love the way towels and sheets smell after they have been waving in the breeze.
The clothes pins in the frame ( bought the frame at $ store and pulled out what was in it) was bought at the shop by a vendor for $ 1.00.
I love their smiling faces.
Before you get back to your laundry, check out the last entry, and a buying trip.
I got more clothes pins.
Have a happy Friday Yall!

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Happy Thursday Everyone!
If my life was not hectic enough, when the strawberries are in, I have no time to attend auctions or scrapbook. The two things I enjoy with all my heart.
But Sunday, Hubby and I got out of Dodge, and found a flea market. It has took me all week to get pictures but I can't wait to use some of the binding/lace , and I have a small collection of cloths pins. Odd ones, of course. But the laundry cart is really cute, planning on recovering it, with vintage looking material , as soon as I get a few minutes.
Well, none of it is priced and it is all still in the laundry cart, until I get back to the shop on Saturday. Can you believe I only payed $4.00 for the laundry cart. I love finds like this. This weekend is Mothers Day and I need to find time to get my Mom something. Was hopping for rain today, but now I think it will hold off till afternoon.
Have a good day everyone.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Fun Monday

And I am back, I rested this weekend and I think I can participate.

Tell me about the Super Hero in your life. Not from TV, but anyone that has been or is in your life that you have really looked up to or has made a impact on your life. It can one or many. You can share pictures if you like. Just have fun with it.

This is my Hero, my husband Terry. He saved my life and the life of my daughter, Our daughter.

When we met I was a wild child, I had a baby and I was divorced, I was dating a lot. He was only 17 @ the time. I had just turn 20. I have to say I was a very young 20 year old. He was a very mature 17 year old. He was persistent, and wanted me to go out with him, I gave in and we dated off and on for a few months. Each night I would think this is our last date, I am going to break it off tomorrow. He was too young. Mother was concerned too. He ask if he could come to church with us and even ask my mother. He was a persistent bugger. We had dated about a year, when he ask me to marry him. He was still in high school. He was still too young. I did not answer right away, but my life was getting better and I knew he loved me, he showed it everyday. He loved Jessica and spent a lot of time with her. His family ( maybe not his mom as much as his dad) fell in love with Jessica and had her calling them papa and maw maw. I was still not sure, I had a problem trusting and Terry told me, that one day I would trust again and he could wait. He told me that he would never leave me and that he was going to marry me. I realized that he had loved me in a time that I did not deserve to be loved and he saved me and our daughter. We married June 11th, we will celebrate our 26 anniversary this year. Terry adopted Jessica after we were married and continues to keep me save each and everyday. My protector, My hero is my husband, Terry. I wish I could get him in those tights, one night.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

I was checking out a few sites tonight because, once again I missed all the hoopla of National Scrapbook Day. Two Peas had a poll, I thought was interesting:
If your life had a theme song, what would it be?
Theme song from Rocky
All you need is Love,
My Way
Girls just wanna have fun
9 to 5

For me it is 9 to 5 at this time. But I wannna have fun, my way, and a lots of lovin, maybe with my Rocky.
Have a fun filled Saturday night.

Friday, May 02, 2008

Sorry, but I will be MIA for a few days. But I am pooped. Strawberries are in full swing and the long hours have taken a toll. But I have read and posted on a few Show and Tell Fridays.
Have a wonderful Weekend.