Saturday, May 29, 2010

Clicking my heel and saying yard sale fairy take me away.........
Yes, it is that time....Time for the Dixie Highway Yard Sale.

We enjoy Yard Sales. And if they are out of town, we like em even more.
So as this week will creep by, I will be dreaming of the sale next weekend.
It will not be so hot and it is only 90 miles long. My kind of Yard Sale.

Wonder what I will find? Maybe a few crocks...And Linens.....maybe even a few thing for me...I wonder how much will go home with me instead of the shop.
So, as this week crawls by, I will have Yard Sales in my dreams. I love it!!!!
Have a good safe Holiday weekend and week.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Barbara and I was at it again today.......
We had been planning this re-do for a few weeks now and today was the day.
I had been hunting and holding back some goodies for this re-do.
Our garden / potting area is complete. I pulled this old wooden fence out of my yard that was on it's way to the garbage, and maybe that is where t should have went.
It took all we could do to get it to not fall apart. We wanted a dazzling display and I think we got it.

I love this picture, another yard sale find.....

Do you notice the rusty old bird cage I got at the Yard sale on Saturday, it fit right in.

I had the railroad spike butterflies in mind for awhile. It just took awhile to get them made.

I like this little bunny, it might have a home with me.

Okay, so come on by and see it in person, it is lovely.
I love working with Barbara, we know what each one is thinking. More is more and the rusty crusty stuff is great. Have a great day!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

I am sorry it took so long to get back with pictures of my "junkin" finds. But I am going to start backward first.
This is the mirror I painted to put in my studio. Aint it cute. I debated about painting it black and changing the look of the room. But I am not ready to let the flamingos go. I am ready for the beach and the sea and I still love my turquoise and pink......

So,Saturday morning June ( my sister in law) called and told me of a yard sale. Six miles of yard sale. So I jumped in the shower and off I went.
I got the pile of frames for $3.00.

If it is rusty, it is mine. June was at the Yard sale too. On her own. We were calling back and forth telling each other of good items and "don't even stop at that one". June told me not to stop @ this one and I just had to, and I found these....She even said she picked up the planter and the handle was broke and she put it back. But what she didn't know was I got it for .50 cents. And I can fix it.

A box of buttons, YEAH!!!!!
So today has been a lovely day of playing with my buttons. I had a few other jars I had found in the last month or so and today was the day to sort and play.

I got a pile of vintage lace and this collar, can you imagine what the dress looked like.

Now on to the Junkin finds...The pictures are backward but you will get the idea. Do you know what these are?
I saw this on a blog and had to try it.

Yes, they are hot plates. And one was even broke. But this did not matter i covered up. I love this.

This is another pile of item we got on Monday. The Lance jar is gone already and so is the pool ball. I just put them in a crystal bowl and they sold n a few days.
The store has been slow and will be for a few weeks. School will be out this next week and parents will be too busy to travel or get out and shop. So Barbara and I will take this time to redo a few booths. Grandson #1 and # 2 will graduate next week. And this morning I realize in 6 yeas.#1 will graduate high school #2 will graduate 6th grade and #3 will graduate Kindergarten, all the same year. Phew, God be with us. Been a busy month nd I know June will be too, so slow down and try and enjoy the summer. I know I am. Have a good day.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Went Junkin Yesterday
Noticed that they are color coding now.
Clothes are no longer by size
But by color
Even the housewares
it was easy to find my favorite colors
Red had Christmas mixed in though, so I had to look extra hard
But it was different.
Still don't know if I like it.
Check back tomorrow for a pic of items I got.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Yesterday was my hubby's birthday! Yes on the 13th. He has always said it was a lucky day, I think so too. He is like many men, he doesn't want a fuss on his big day.

He will leave this morning to fish for two days, but we want to celebrate him too. So there will be cake and steaks on the grill, and gifts. But we are just not sure when.

Happy Birthday my sweet man.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Ho Hum Day!

I love walking when the temp is low. I walked my 2 miles this morning in between the showers. Didn't even break a sweat. Unlike last weeks 90 degrees. Alabama Weather is so unpredictable. And because it was going to be cool and raining today, I decided to stay home and put up strawberry jelly. I had 5 bags left from last year, so I pulled them out and made the best smelling jelly. And I am sitting here now counting the lids pop (sealing). Eleven jars. Not bad. And yes Ali, I will bring you a jar to the crop in October.

As for Mother's Day, It was so relaxing. After the last week, I was looking forward to a quite day.

My son in law ( future) made a wonderful breakfast and Dinner. We visited mother and the MIL and just sat around, worked in the yard and enjoyed the down time. Not a bad day.

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Photos from Mothers Day Tea

Friday, May 07, 2010

This is what was on my bathroom door when I got home yesterday.
My daughter knows I hate to clean the bathroom.
I would rather wash dishes, clothes, mop and sweep.
But there is something about that bathroom that I dislike.
So now I have a clean, blue in the toilet bathroom.
#1, does this mean there will be a #2?

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Riding with the top down, is one my favorite thing to do. This is Donna and myself, last weekend. We had to make a Hobby Lobby run. Actually several.... But what I really like is letting Terry drive at night. I love to hold my head back and enjoy the beautiful stars. There is limited days you can ride with the top down in Alabama, but I try and enjoy each and everyone of them.

Monday, May 03, 2010

Spent a Wonderful weekend in Carollton Ga for National Scrapbook Day. Boy do I have a bunch of goodies to play with now. More Pics to come....