Sunday, May 23, 2010

I am sorry it took so long to get back with pictures of my "junkin" finds. But I am going to start backward first.
This is the mirror I painted to put in my studio. Aint it cute. I debated about painting it black and changing the look of the room. But I am not ready to let the flamingos go. I am ready for the beach and the sea and I still love my turquoise and pink......

So,Saturday morning June ( my sister in law) called and told me of a yard sale. Six miles of yard sale. So I jumped in the shower and off I went.
I got the pile of frames for $3.00.

If it is rusty, it is mine. June was at the Yard sale too. On her own. We were calling back and forth telling each other of good items and "don't even stop at that one". June told me not to stop @ this one and I just had to, and I found these....She even said she picked up the planter and the handle was broke and she put it back. But what she didn't know was I got it for .50 cents. And I can fix it.

A box of buttons, YEAH!!!!!
So today has been a lovely day of playing with my buttons. I had a few other jars I had found in the last month or so and today was the day to sort and play.

I got a pile of vintage lace and this collar, can you imagine what the dress looked like.

Now on to the Junkin finds...The pictures are backward but you will get the idea. Do you know what these are?
I saw this on a blog and had to try it.

Yes, they are hot plates. And one was even broke. But this did not matter i covered up. I love this.

This is another pile of item we got on Monday. The Lance jar is gone already and so is the pool ball. I just put them in a crystal bowl and they sold n a few days.
The store has been slow and will be for a few weeks. School will be out this next week and parents will be too busy to travel or get out and shop. So Barbara and I will take this time to redo a few booths. Grandson #1 and # 2 will graduate next week. And this morning I realize in 6 yeas.#1 will graduate high school #2 will graduate 6th grade and #3 will graduate Kindergarten, all the same year. Phew, God be with us. Been a busy month nd I know June will be too, so slow down and try and enjoy the summer. I know I am. Have a good day.

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Marian Baker said...

I love those buttons and frames!!!