Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Barbara and I was at it again today.......
We had been planning this re-do for a few weeks now and today was the day.
I had been hunting and holding back some goodies for this re-do.
Our garden / potting area is complete. I pulled this old wooden fence out of my yard that was on it's way to the garbage, and maybe that is where t should have went.
It took all we could do to get it to not fall apart. We wanted a dazzling display and I think we got it.

I love this picture, another yard sale find.....

Do you notice the rusty old bird cage I got at the Yard sale on Saturday, it fit right in.

I had the railroad spike butterflies in mind for awhile. It just took awhile to get them made.

I like this little bunny, it might have a home with me.

Okay, so come on by and see it in person, it is lovely.
I love working with Barbara, we know what each one is thinking. More is more and the rusty crusty stuff is great. Have a great day!


Marian Baker said...

ok.... I like the Bunny too!!! I'll see it in person tomorrow!!!

jennifer said...

I do wish I had you and Barbara for a day. Of course, all of my stuff is still in boxes so we wouldn't have very much to work with.

Love what you two accomplished. SO pretty!