Saturday, May 29, 2010

Clicking my heel and saying yard sale fairy take me away.........
Yes, it is that time....Time for the Dixie Highway Yard Sale.

We enjoy Yard Sales. And if they are out of town, we like em even more.
So as this week will creep by, I will be dreaming of the sale next weekend.
It will not be so hot and it is only 90 miles long. My kind of Yard Sale.

Wonder what I will find? Maybe a few crocks...And Linens.....maybe even a few thing for me...I wonder how much will go home with me instead of the shop.
So, as this week crawls by, I will have Yard Sales in my dreams. I love it!!!!
Have a good safe Holiday weekend and week.

1 comment:

jennifer said...

Is there still a beach trip scheduled for June? You know you are invited to visit - nothing would thrill me more.

ONE FINE DAY I will get to do the yard sale :)