Friday, September 26, 2008

Got a few albums to show off. The 1st was made a few weekends ago, all about me. The front is a cheep dollar store picture frame. Coated with metal primer and painted. Really shabby chic. The second is a album India @ Scrapbook Mania ask me to create to show off at the shop. And again really shabby. So if you want to see the second one, come on by Mania.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Hubby is leaving tomorrow A.M to go to a fishing tournament. Four nights with no one pulling the cover over to his side, no one to cook for, fix lunches, watching any kind of sports, no ones dirty socks to pick up, next to the laundry hamper. No shoes left next by his chair, no hugs or bye kisses every morning. No snuggling at night, no back rubs, no one to watch the new shows with. I will miss you sweetie, good luck and be safe.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Do you know what this is?
You got it the Fair is in town.
Hubby and I went to the fair last night. And we had a good time. I try and keep him away from the games, he spends way to much $. But I am the one that now own 2 gold fish. Yes, you heard me Gold fish. Fred and Ethel are at home in my pond, enjoying there new home.
Terry refers to them as the $50.00 gold fish, not Fred and Ethel.

Admission to the Fair $12.00 per $24.00
Basket of ball for goldfish toss 5.00
Push the quarter off the shelf game 5.00
raffle tickets for wedding ring quilt 5.00
Dinner @ Captian D's 15.00
Alone time with Hubby Priceless
And I know you saw the "Priceless" thing coming. But it is so seldom we get alone time. Well off to work, hey and it is Friday.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Had a little creative juices flowing today. It started out as a witches hat and my creative juices thought different. I also started a altered mini album that will be posted later, need a few items added and they are at the shop. When I work at home, I work with limited tools and supplies. I am at the shop more than I am home so it only made since to have a place to create there. Since the crop 2 help retreat, I have made 100 wedding invitations and worked on a album for hire. ( someone hired me to make a album) I am really conservative when it comes to someone else album, and try to tone down the creativity. But the mini album I put it all in there. I also started a mini album of grandson #2. But I just have the bones of it started. When I have creative burst, I can't complete fast enough. and then there is days when I stare at the paper and can't come up with a thing. Well, the dryer just buzzed so I am off to folds another load, and work on my mini albums.

Have a great Sunday yall.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Charity Crop-Ultra sound-Doctors Appointments- and Gummy Treats

How is that for a title?

~Well, I am coming off of a very exciting, fun and exhausting weekend. The Crop 2 Help Retreat that I host for the Shriners Hospital. There is 24 women in one house and we scrapbook, eat, laugh and sleep.

Seems I went to bed too early to see Jenny V sing her rendition of Tit Willow. And it also seems no one had a camera, I think that is too hard to believe. I bet there is black mail pictures that will surface, so Don't run for office Jenn.

Another success!

Thank you Ladies!

~Our DD is expecting again, with our third grandchild,

(keeping my fingers crossed that a little girl is growing inside of her very fertile tummy)

She was on the Depo shot for birth control but God had other plans. On Monday there was a ultra sound. I believe that it was more for a look see than a sex determination. Each of our grandchildren have February birthdays and so will this one.

So please say a little prayer for a happy healthy child.

~Seems we all had doctors appointment this week.

DD with the ultra sound, I had a appointment with a surgeon about a milk duct, and grandson #2 had a appointment with Rheumatology Doctor.

Not very productive at either appointment, they just want to keep an eye on the situation.

Which means we will have return visits in 3 to 6 months.

~Just for fun my BBF sends the boys a goody box, full of Gummy treats. Oh what fun to see them try and eat snot from a fake nose.

Who comes up with this stuff?

Friday, September 05, 2008

I am excited about the retreat this weekend. And have been humming this song all morning, from My Fair Lady. I just changed it a wee bit.
I'm gonna be scrappin in the morning!
Ding dong! The bells are gonna chime.
Pull out the cutter!
everyone will shutter!
But get me to the retreat on time!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Random Thoughts

Do you wave at the Krispy Kream delivery truck in your neighborhood?

Do you save trash to create with?

Do you hang on to tags from a new pair of jeans ?

Do you sneak a paper coaster into your bag when you are out for Dinner?

Do you dream, of creating, wake up, go to your creative space and work?

Do you look at the clearance isle, searching for your next project?

Do you pick up can tabs and other trash out of the parking lot to use in your creations?

Do you save broken jewelry to use in your art?