Friday, September 26, 2008

Got a few albums to show off. The 1st was made a few weekends ago, all about me. The front is a cheep dollar store picture frame. Coated with metal primer and painted. Really shabby chic. The second is a album India @ Scrapbook Mania ask me to create to show off at the shop. And again really shabby. So if you want to see the second one, come on by Mania.


jennifer said...

OH I WOULD LOVE to get my hands on those and take a peek. I have done ONE layout since the crop here at home, but STILL. I did it. We had a scrapbook weekend last Saturday and Meg created 3 layouts. I am planning on taking she and Em to GiGi's next month (hubby says that name sounds sort of dirty... what has HE been reading). She has beginner classes and I think it would be good to learn some stuff from someone besides me.

I miss YOUR classes.

Anyhoo, I hope you have a great weekend. Tell Terri I said "Roll Tide!!"

JennV said...

How stinkin cute!!! Now ya gonna make me one??? LOL!