Sunday, September 14, 2008

Had a little creative juices flowing today. It started out as a witches hat and my creative juices thought different. I also started a altered mini album that will be posted later, need a few items added and they are at the shop. When I work at home, I work with limited tools and supplies. I am at the shop more than I am home so it only made since to have a place to create there. Since the crop 2 help retreat, I have made 100 wedding invitations and worked on a album for hire. ( someone hired me to make a album) I am really conservative when it comes to someone else album, and try to tone down the creativity. But the mini album I put it all in there. I also started a mini album of grandson #2. But I just have the bones of it started. When I have creative burst, I can't complete fast enough. and then there is days when I stare at the paper and can't come up with a thing. Well, the dryer just buzzed so I am off to folds another load, and work on my mini albums.

Have a great Sunday yall.


JennV said...

I Love Love LOVE it! What's that stuff that you used at the top that's all fuzzy looking???? I might NEED me some of that!


Jerri junque said...

Oh, jenn
it is just fuzzy yarn I picked up at the dollar tree. It was a buck! I just punched holes around the top and tied them on. Fuzzy stuff completed. DONE!

jennifer said...

I love it when you post things that look so JERRI!

I got the book today by the way. I am about to log off of the computer and start reading. VERY thoughtful gift!!!