Friday, September 29, 2006

It is cold this morning, even went into the closet and got a thicker shirt to wear. I know it might be to warn this afternoon but I will take a thinner one, just in case. We haven't turned on the heat yet. I liked having to curl up closer to get warm in the mornings. Hubby doesn't seem to mind either. The sun is out and it looks warmer outside. It is getting time to have a fall festival's. Pumpkins, turning leaves, corn stalks and apples. But seems it will be a few weeks before there is one near here. Might have to go this year, soak up the fall atmosphere. Take some pictures, so this means I need to go shopping for fall scrapbooking supplies....... See you there.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

I love how a lot of the magazines are adding paper projects to the line up. I found this one in Country Home. Love it!!!! Finished it's counterpart last night. But it still needs some tweaking. So what I need is a name. Help me name this jolly fellow. I know, Jolly is for Santa but you get what I mean. I know some of you can't leave a comment so e-mail me and I will let everyone know on Monday his/her name. If you think of a name for both, that would be even better.^^oo^^

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Weekend Auction Goodies

Jerri's Junque

Had to bid on this little guy, he looked so happy. He is alittle rusty and alot dusty ,but a cutie.

And this clear cut glass powder box, I believe I have a vintage pink puff, somewhere.

And last but not least, a vanity from the glamour days. Can't you just see her sitting at the vanity putting on her face, to go out on the town. Had to strip off the nasty material, going to wash it tomorrow and then it will be ready to sell. Oh, boy just got a e-mail, another auction on Friday night. Wonder what I will find?????

Friday, September 22, 2006

Got a e-mail today,

We have tickets to see


Girls night out!

Sunday, September 17, 2006

wanna hear something funny?
the following was a memo in hubby's pay check stub envelope this week:
Effective 10/01/06, your premium for your spouse ( meaning me ) will change from $12.oo to $21.00 due to ( get this) her moving into the next age bracket. Well, hears to having a birthday in 2 months. If I didn't feel old already, seems someone is trying to tell me something......

Friday, September 15, 2006

Friday Challenge
in Honor of
1 year of Blogging.
Nada Es Imposible
Across the street from the shop is a building that is being used for a Hispanic church. There are scriptures on a sign, but Spanish class was along time ago. And to tell you the truth, I did not think at the time I would ever need to speck or read Spanish. Boy, was i wrong. But I think I know what this one is - anything is possible. So once again I start a Friday challenge. Your title is: Nada Es Imposible or Anything Is Possible. It was possible for "ME" to maintain a blog.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Unlock Destiny
do you ever feel like you have
to take fate into your own hands,
control your own destiny.
this is completely out of no where
but design a page where you
have stepped in and controlled your own fate.
unlock your destiny

Monday, September 11, 2006

Need my blog fix!
I get up each morning, fix my cup of coffee and go the the computer. Read my e-mails, and surf the many blogs i read each morning. There are over 40. I know which ones post everyday and ones that post weekly. But come on, you would think the world had come to a end. No up dates this morning. No new blog entry. Where is everyone. I can't believe you have a life other than your blog. Get with it ladies and write something. I need it!!!! I need to know something, tell me something, show me what you created this weekend, what you did with the family, a poem or cute little story ,will do this morning. My blog buddies, don't leave me hanging.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

My dear dear friends......
Please say a special prayer for me, that I don't ring my DD neck. To think, at one time I wanted more children. Now I am not sure I want the one I have. All joking a side. Keep us in your prayers.

Friday, September 08, 2006

My lastest layout

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Took my Camera to the shop today, just a few new snap shots .
Love the old black and white pics.
More tomorrow.

My dear sweet Hubby has a sweet tooth.

And when the wind starts to blow and the nights get cooler, his sweet tooth rears it's ugly head.

There will be candy in the house the rest of the year. These Peanut butter kisses, candy corn, Smarties, chocolate covered cherries, chocolate covered marshmallow anything. When our local Wal-mart has a holiday candy section , that is where he can be found. He is a child at heart, when it comes to his candy. So bring on the candy season. Fall is in the air, and the smell of Holiday candy.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

How did you spend your Labor Day?
Items go into our basement and tend to not go out until we have a clean up day. So on Labor Day we, cleaned, purged, and said "Goodbye" to items that we had not seen since last clean up day. We had 4 piles- Dump and Charity and take to the store and the one month pile. Both dump and Charity were a truck load. The one month pile has to be used, fixed or given away or it goes away after 1 month. This is something new and I will let you know how this works. I feel like we needed to be new show on HGTV. I guess I watch too much of these shows. It is funny when we moved into this house, I thought our stuff looked so small in this big house. Now our house doesn't look so big. We just have alot of stuff. We want to enclose a part of our basement for a "MAN CAVE" for my sweet hubby. Pool table, big screen and all. So for labor day, the last holiday of the summer, we cleaned.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Did you Check out the Birmingham News today? Well, I am in there. (page 6 -A) A reporter stopped by the shop last week and ask me a few questions about current events. My comment that was used was, " I only fill my car to 3/4 full, I might find it cheaper tomorrow. Well, I had actually just started this because I filled my car up a week ago, went in to get a drink and over heard the owner ask a employee to change the gas prices. I thought to my self, good thing I got it before they marked it up. On the way home the same day I saw it had dropped eight cents a gallon.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Went to Estate sale this morning. It was advertised to start at 8 a.m. Owner did not get there till 8:20 and had less than 10 items in the house to sell. I was very upset. Terry had gone next door to a barn sale and didn't come back. So after awhile I went into the barn he had bought a Vanity type dresser that was very pretty and in great shape. And a box of Tiara glass. It was in gold and all boxed up before I got into the barn. So when we got to the shop and started to unpack, we had - decanter set- 5 dinner plates- 8 snack set with cups, 4 juice glasses 5 tea glasses, sherbet bowls, finger bowls, relish bowl, small basket, sugar and creamer, napkin holder, child's set, nursery rhyme dishes, 2 tier dish, and about 6 or 8 odd pieces. I think I will let him go to the barn sale next time too. Good Job Honey! The only bad thing is, I have a collection of the green. So I will sell the gold.
What was a not so good Saturday turned out to be okay.
Up at 5 am, wide eyed, could not go back to sleep, it is a Saturday for crying out loud. Why do I wake up soooo early? I am sure my doctor would say, "Well, at your age". This seems to be the standard reply when I ask questions about things that is happen with my body. So what kind of response is that? I will tell you, it is a response from a male doctor. hummm sounds like I am going to be a little hard to live with today. Maybe I should have gotten more sleep. duh...
On a different note* went to a antique mall yesterday. I got a foot board for a antique bed, going to make a bench out of it. Pictures to follow soon. Since I am up, I think I will go to a estate sale this morning. I will let you know what I get.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Crop Update
Well, as you know I had contacted 20 scrapbooking companies to donate goodies to our crop. At this time I have had 3 thank you for the opportunity but we can not. As soon as I had a "NO" I opened up my newest magazine and sent another. My first "NO" was Junkitz, # 13 on my list, my third "no" was # 13 Bo Bunny. So I will not be adding a # 13 again. Well, Jeanette and I are waiting to see who our NEW favorite Scrapbook Company is: Who will it be???? Who cares about children that has been caught in a house fire or was born with problems that only the Shriners hospital can help. Stay Tuned.............