Saturday, September 02, 2006

Up at 5 am, wide eyed, could not go back to sleep, it is a Saturday for crying out loud. Why do I wake up soooo early? I am sure my doctor would say, "Well, at your age". This seems to be the standard reply when I ask questions about things that is happen with my body. So what kind of response is that? I will tell you, it is a response from a male doctor. hummm sounds like I am going to be a little hard to live with today. Maybe I should have gotten more sleep. duh...
On a different note* went to a antique mall yesterday. I got a foot board for a antique bed, going to make a bench out of it. Pictures to follow soon. Since I am up, I think I will go to a estate sale this morning. I will let you know what I get.

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