Thursday, September 28, 2006

I love how a lot of the magazines are adding paper projects to the line up. I found this one in Country Home. Love it!!!! Finished it's counterpart last night. But it still needs some tweaking. So what I need is a name. Help me name this jolly fellow. I know, Jolly is for Santa but you get what I mean. I know some of you can't leave a comment so e-mail me and I will let everyone know on Monday his/her name. If you think of a name for both, that would be even better.^^oo^^

1 comment:

Jeanette said...

hmmmm.... he's cute
Okay..... how 'bout
Sonny & Cher.... ???
Butch & Sundance....???
Archie & Edith.... ???
ok, ok, I've got it
The Captain & Tennille.... !!!

Cute, cute, cute.... gonna sell 'em?????