Saturday, September 02, 2006

Went to Estate sale this morning. It was advertised to start at 8 a.m. Owner did not get there till 8:20 and had less than 10 items in the house to sell. I was very upset. Terry had gone next door to a barn sale and didn't come back. So after awhile I went into the barn he had bought a Vanity type dresser that was very pretty and in great shape. And a box of Tiara glass. It was in gold and all boxed up before I got into the barn. So when we got to the shop and started to unpack, we had - decanter set- 5 dinner plates- 8 snack set with cups, 4 juice glasses 5 tea glasses, sherbet bowls, finger bowls, relish bowl, small basket, sugar and creamer, napkin holder, child's set, nursery rhyme dishes, 2 tier dish, and about 6 or 8 odd pieces. I think I will let him go to the barn sale next time too. Good Job Honey! The only bad thing is, I have a collection of the green. So I will sell the gold.
What was a not so good Saturday turned out to be okay.

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