Sunday, June 29, 2008

Friday, June 27, 2008

Just a quick picture of the shop ( well the left side of the porch).
Red sells so well that it is hard to come up with enough to decorate .
I have added a few item to the shop but not any pictures to my blog because
Summer is in full swing and I have so much on my plate or may I say my cup runnth over.
We have been canning green beans and as soon as we get them put up it is time to pick again.
I am not complaining, cause we will enjoy them this winter.
We host a 4th of July party each year, planning for this....because it is soon...
I am helping with VBS in July.
Planning is taking alot of my summer.
More than I thought.
I am hosting the 3rd annual CROP 2 HELP RETREAT
in September and the planning and prep work has already began.
So please forgive me if I am slumping on my Blog,
I will try and post when time permits.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I told a friend on Friday that I hoped we did not have to wait too long for the test results on Grandson #2. She said, no news is good news, if there is a problem, he will call you as soon as he knows. And he did. Monday afternoon the doctor called and said there was a infection but the test was inconclusive. His potassium was low and there would be more test and he would call us back within the week. So keep praying, please.
Now I would like to ask for a few more minutes of your prayer time. I have a friend that needs our prayers. She has a child that is lost and needs our prayers. There is also a medical issue as well as spiritual.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Thank you so much for lifting Mikai up in your prayers. The test went well, now is the hard part. We wait, wait for the lab and the doctors to do what they do best. We should know something by the end of next week. Until then, it back to normal at the Wood house, grandson #1 is screaming stop to grandson #2, cause #2 is jumping on the bed and singing his ABC at the top of is lungs. While #1 is trying to play a game. PaPa is trying to fix the clicking noise that the vacuum cleaner is making after #1 tried to vacuum up Nerds from his carpet. Mom is trying to fold clothes and yells, quit jumping on the bed. And I am trying to type this post , to make a little sense. So forgive me if you don't understand. Just know I appreciate all your kind words and I ask for continued prayer for the little one.
P.S the pictures are of before and after summer hair cuts. little one wanted one like brothers, it was his first major cut. All his curls are gone. boohoo

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Prayer Request Please
Our #2 Grandson Mikai has run a fever and rash for a few days. Took him to the doctor yesterday and he wants to run a blood test to see if he has juvenile arthritis. He is only 3.
I believe in prayer and with your help and prayers this baby will be alright. The test is Friday.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

It is a lazy morning and I am taking a breath before everyone is up and about. It will be a busy day, grandson #2 is running a fever and needs a doctors appointment. The green beans need to be picked and put up. I need to make up 4th of July party invitations. I cleaned house and did laundry yesterday, all day yesterday. So today was going to be my going day. I assume it will be but to the doctor. It has been awhile since I went to the thrift store. As I am typing this I hear the house waking up, someone moving around. So I will sign off and maybe be back with something more exciting later.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Day in my life !
7 a.m- coffee and computer
8 a.m- shower
9 a.m- got boys up and dressed
grandson #1 going swimming so, find swim trunks. grandson #2 wants to wear his too. Don't sweat the small stuff, dress him in his swim trunks. load car.
fix #2 a glass of tea and animal crackers.
9:30- out the door, #2 wants to ride his bike just one time before he gets into car.
9:45- take #2 to daycare
stop by store to get #1 biscuits
stop by Dollar General- buy goggles
stop by Grocery store and get apple and grapes for #1 to take to pool.
10 a.m- open store
unload car, price items. add patriotic theme to items on porch
noon- send grandson #1 next door to get chips for lunch and a drink to carry to the pool.
Lady calls about a dresser, will be right there.
12:15 Jennifer stops by with 2 of her children, we talk a few minutes and she starts to add items to her booth. They are in the process of moving.
12:20- Another vendor comes in- has furniture. We move one dresser out, that sold Saturday and moved in a pie save. As several customer come in to shop.
They come in to get grandson #1 to go swimming. He leaves. Lady wanting to look at dresser - measures and takes out drawers and even kicks the tires, so to speak. She leaves to measure the space again- which is code for, it is not really what I wanted- I will be back she says. Another vendor came in to put items in booth and my mail lady comes in with a box. All is gone by
3:p.m. -Lunch and bathroom break. Call vendor to tell him he sold a piece of furniture and has a empty space.
3:30- Lady looking at dresser back- changed her mind needs a side table. Looks around, measures, kicks more tires and says she will be back.
3:45- customer looking for a art table for her daughter- nothing we have will work, but she did want the dresser, the first lady didn't.
Gonna put it on layaway- see you in a day or two. She gets outside and finds her checkbooks. Back in, writes check and loading another piece of furniture. Now I have two spaces that needs to be straighten up. Another vendor, more customers, more sales. Call another vendor-piece sold-have space .
5:oo- close store- hubby calls
Pick up grandson #2 at daycare, he wants a Dr pepper. No time
5:16- pick up grandson #1 at pool
5:35- stop at store get Dr. Pepper
Post office
Pick up Dear Daughter @ work
6:15 Home at last
Hubby Home- with flowers. Did mention it is our 26th wedding Anniversary.
6:30- VBS meeting
7:45- home again to steaks on the grill
8:00- enjoying our dinner.
Happy anniversary Darling
Clean kitchen- household chores
Exhausted and asleep by 10 p.m

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Typed in "HOT SUMMER" on Google images
This is what I got !
Happy Wednesday!

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Hubby and I have been on a kinda road trip to no where for the last few days. We enjoy just going and going and not having a destination. Our plan was to go to Mentone and stay a day or so, but it only took 2 hours to go into the 3 open shops and have a wonderful lunch. So we moved on. We have seen gas prices from $4.05 to $3.89. We have bought our annual $ 8.00 fudge. A piece about 1 inch by 2 inches. It is pricey but good.
We have stopped at Antique shops, gift shops, and I did find a little hole in the wall scrapbook store. I tried to spend a wad but only spent 25.00. We decided to stay in Helen Ga. one night and it was packed with a motorcycle reunion. You know those sexy dangerous, leather wearing, tattooed motorcycle men have gotten older. Having a good time, trying to relax and not think about the grass that needs to be cut at home and the flowers that grandson #1 probably didn't water. Next time I think we will have a destination and I will hold my ground.
and we will go to The BEACH.
Happy Weekend!

Monday, June 02, 2008

I would like to introduce you to the Queen of Guilt.

This is my mother and a master in the art of Guilt.

So the story begins: A week ago Mother calls me and is all excited about Aunt Martha calling and asking us to visit at her home in Texas. In two weeks. If you know me at all, you know I am helping with my grandson's, I own a small antique shop and because my daughter has no car I pick her up from work each day, after I get grandson #1 from school and grandson#2 from daycare and close the shop. So I call hubby and he won't give me a out, I talk to daddy and he says nothing, maybe he did not hear me. So I pray and think about it and I did first promise to help DD with the grandsons. Oh, and I had made plans to go off with hubby this weekend for our 26th anniversary. Too many things is stacked against this trip from the get go. So I went to Mom and told her there was no way I could possible go at this time. End of Story! By the weekend Mom was talking to me and all was well. Fast Forward to this morning and a phone call from Mom. She had gotten a call from Martha, they had a BBQ over the weekend with my cousin ( my age) and he had made a announcement about his me coming in a week to see him and that he had not seen me in years and that he was going to take us to the stock exchange and to a jazz club and he could not wait to see me. My first question was- why did aunt Martha tell him to begin with I could not make it. She said she was going to tell him after the BBQ and then he made this announcement. She called and said I had to tell him I was not coming, she could not do that to him. So I guess Martha is also a Queen of Guilt. If you have any advice, I would love to hear it.