Sunday, June 08, 2008

Hubby and I have been on a kinda road trip to no where for the last few days. We enjoy just going and going and not having a destination. Our plan was to go to Mentone and stay a day or so, but it only took 2 hours to go into the 3 open shops and have a wonderful lunch. So we moved on. We have seen gas prices from $4.05 to $3.89. We have bought our annual $ 8.00 fudge. A piece about 1 inch by 2 inches. It is pricey but good.
We have stopped at Antique shops, gift shops, and I did find a little hole in the wall scrapbook store. I tried to spend a wad but only spent 25.00. We decided to stay in Helen Ga. one night and it was packed with a motorcycle reunion. You know those sexy dangerous, leather wearing, tattooed motorcycle men have gotten older. Having a good time, trying to relax and not think about the grass that needs to be cut at home and the flowers that grandson #1 probably didn't water. Next time I think we will have a destination and I will hold my ground.
and we will go to The BEACH.
Happy Weekend!


Dianna said...


jennifer said...

I am SHOCKED! I thought that was where the two of you were going. I haven't been to Mentone. And what is it with you and spending money these days? You are being so GOOD and not spending much. Hmmmmm. I hope you come across an awesome auction or thrift store soon.

Be blessed.


JennV said...

I just love hearing where you two have ended up when you get back from where you "planned" to go! LOL! The important thing is that you headed for the open road and did what you felt like doing, not what you Had to do for a few days!