Saturday, June 21, 2008

Thank you so much for lifting Mikai up in your prayers. The test went well, now is the hard part. We wait, wait for the lab and the doctors to do what they do best. We should know something by the end of next week. Until then, it back to normal at the Wood house, grandson #1 is screaming stop to grandson #2, cause #2 is jumping on the bed and singing his ABC at the top of is lungs. While #1 is trying to play a game. PaPa is trying to fix the clicking noise that the vacuum cleaner is making after #1 tried to vacuum up Nerds from his carpet. Mom is trying to fold clothes and yells, quit jumping on the bed. And I am trying to type this post , to make a little sense. So forgive me if you don't understand. Just know I appreciate all your kind words and I ask for continued prayer for the little one.
P.S the pictures are of before and after summer hair cuts. little one wanted one like brothers, it was his first major cut. All his curls are gone. boohoo


Valarie said...

Oh my goodness, they are so handsome. You must be very proud! :)

jennifer said...

Oh NO! Where is the little Dude's head of CURLS? Tears, I may cry actual tears over this!

Cause WOW doesn't he look all grown up now?

I am praying for him, you know that, and I believe the God that we pray to hears, and has healing for Little Dude. The prayer that I just prayed was that the tests come back with zero sickness, and we can believe that GOD healed him. Not that he wasn't sick, but that he WAS healed of all sickness in his body.

Hang in there, and, I'll see you tomorrow still? Let me know!!