Tuesday, June 17, 2008

It is a lazy morning and I am taking a breath before everyone is up and about. It will be a busy day, grandson #2 is running a fever and needs a doctors appointment. The green beans need to be picked and put up. I need to make up 4th of July party invitations. I cleaned house and did laundry yesterday, all day yesterday. So today was going to be my going day. I assume it will be but to the doctor. It has been awhile since I went to the thrift store. As I am typing this I hear the house waking up, someone moving around. So I will sign off and maybe be back with something more exciting later.


david santos said...

Haapy day

jennifer said...

Oh I am SO sorry that the kiddo is sick. I can hear in the tone of your writing that you are.... frustrated maybe? Hang in there Jerri. We have a day coming soon to get out and about. :^D

The beach is CROWDED and there are a ridiculous number of bikinis down here. More folks looking like Sports Illustrated models than, ahem, a Mom like me. Where did all of these bloomin skinny minnies come from?

Very defeating.

Looking forward to seeing you soon.