Friday, June 29, 2007

*Cost $125.oo per person
A deposit of $62.50 due with in a week of sign up
and the balance is due by September 1,2007
*Refund and Cancellation Policies:Please note that any and all cancellations will resultin a loss of deposit.No Show Receive-no Refund*
Location:At the Beautiful Springville Camp and Conference Retreat House
*Cost Includes:Accommodations- Bunk Style LodgingMeals/ Snacks
2 People per 8 foot table
48 hours of non- stop cropping
T-shirtGoodie Bag upon arrival
Group Photo
2 free classes and or Demosand maybe a surprise or two....
Send deposit to
Jerri Wood
2520 Covered Bridge Road
Cleveland, Alabama

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

What does this word mean to you?
The good ole summertime.
Can you name 50 things that make you think Summer.
1. Beach / vacation
2. lemon aid
3. flip flops
4. ice cream, homemade
5. lighten bugs
6. B B Q
7. no school
8. sunshine , alot of sun
9. Berry picken, black berries are ready now
10. lazy summer days
11. the smell of sun lotion or sunscreen
12. the perfect sunglasses
13. hot leather car seats
14. watering flowers
15. ripe tomatoes
16. bee's
17. sun flowers
18. yard sales
19. ice cream socials
20. sea shells
21. 4th of July
22. night sky
23. short summer showers
24. ice tea with lemon
25. barefoot
26. bubbles
27. pool
28. fresh pineapples
29. reading a summer book
30. water melons
31. Popsicles
32. butterflies
33. beautiful sunsets
34. long days
35. beach towels in the wash
36. birds nesting in my ferns
37. fresh vegetables
38. the smell of fresh cut grass
39. pinwheels
40.sleeping late
41. painted toes
42. key lime pies
43. cool flowing clothing
44. vacation bible school
45. roses
46. air conditioners
47. swimsuits
48. camp
49.sand castles
50.Summer pictures to scrapbook

Thursday, June 21, 2007

We are in the process of putting down new flooring, grandson #2 loves being pulled around on a beach towel by his mom. I just want my house back..........almost done, more later.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Had a few days of R and R at the beach with my hubby of 25 Years. This is a pic I took before we left. Don't know how it all began. But sometimes I think it is a same to throw these pieces away. So I started adding them to this vase and here they are. I guess we can call them altered Flowers.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

While I was looking at a old decorating Magazine yesterday I came across a frame Heidi Swapp had made. ( Home Companion) This is my version. No glass, and the pages flip up to reveal more pages. All sewn to hing up and out. Love it! Love it!

Monday, June 04, 2007

Interesting Photos I found on Flicker.

Bet you didn't know.
I have just finished making my first patch of strawberry wine.
It is red, sweet, and wet. That is about all I can say about it. I am not a wine drinker, but the people that buys berries to make wine had me curious. So I talked to them and came up with a very simple recipe.
And waaalaaa,
I have wine.
Now I can add "vintner" to my resume.
vint·ner /ˈvɪntnər/
a person who makes wine or sells wines.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Are you Ready to Bunco?
Played for the first time last night, and liked it. If you haven't played, you need too.
Good time, lot's of laughs, good food, there is a crown to wear when you " Bunco".
But guess who didn't bring a camera.
Maybe next month.
I will play again.
Next month I will have my game on.