Monday, October 30, 2006

Soooo yada yada....

Life has been spinning by as fast as it possiblely can the last couple of weeks. And so I have had not extra time to post on my blog. So today is catch up time. As you well, know the crop was great and we will be donating over $2000.00 worth of supplies and $400.00 cash to the hospital. We learned alot about each other and I look forward to next year.

Halloween is upon us and I have the past few years had a party for about 25 children. But this year it was impossible. So one of the mother is having a party and ask if I could make a few treats. Pictures to follow ( I hope).

My computer is having problems and hubby has not figured it out , yet. But I know he will. I have to go off line and back on to get my mail. For some reason it disconnects as soon as the mail is delivered. So keep your fingers crossed that this post goes through.

I am hosting another crop this Saturday but this one is for me. A chocolate birthday crop. I have been trying to complete the goodies for the party. And it has taken alot of my time this week, thank goodness we have been slow at the shop. And trying to find all the right chocolate to have at the party and the taste testing, someone had to do it. I will post a picture as soon as the party is over.

Oh, and the picture of my lastest book is above, love it!!! It is really funky and I am trying to create a ornament I saw in the book, will post pics later on this too. But if you get a chance, take a look see at this book. Not alot to do with scrapbooking but making jewery and crowns too. Did I say, I love it!!!

And on another note a friend of ours had open heart surgery this last week, Don is doing well but add him to your prayer list. He will have to change his life style quite a bit and this will be very hard on him.

Today I am off and I have to finish the chocolate covered apples for the kids party, go to Hobby Lobby and get stuff, grocery store

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Crop was a blast!!!!
We all had a great time at the retreat house last weekend. I met new friends. I am so excited, it is a good thing to met new people that "get" scrapbook. Good food, fellowship and laughs. That is what scrapbooking is all about. We got to where we did not look forward in hearing, Dinner is ready. I have never over eat so much in all my life. I am proud of my 2 pages I created this weekend. But more proud of the $ and goodies that will be given to the shriners childern. I am still not unpacked, my stuff made it to the basement, and that is as far as it got. Jeanette and I had a wonderful time on Sunday night at Cats. If you have not seen it, it is well worth it, believe me. I went in not know what to expect, and I was pulled in to the loop. Just wanted to check in and now I am off to get Malik to school, more later.....

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Busy Busy Busy
I have been a busy camper this week, preparing for the charity crop. I hope you are coming, because you are all in for a treat. I will spill the bag, here today on a few things that will be happening. You will be altering a Canvas for my class on Friday night. I wanted this to be a special class, and one you have not tried. I have kelp it fun and usable. Can't wait, hope you enjoy it. I received gifts yesterday to give away from one of the ladies at my shop. She sews, and was a stampin up dealer once upon a time. Can you guess what I have to give away....... Well, we will be giving away alot of goodies, all weekend. The lady ( Linda) that will be sitting up her store, will also be giving away goodies and surprises all weekend. Special sales, and treats. My mind has been going like crazy all week with little extras, so I am finishing item up today ( i hope).
Looking forward to seeing all of you on Friday for a fun filled weekend.......

Saturday, October 14, 2006

At least 6 inches deep. Can you guess what this is?

And we still have 5 days to receive more goodies..... Did you sign up to come to the crop?

I bet you will next year!

Thanks again to all who will be joining us next weekend. See you there......

Friday, October 13, 2006

Today is the last day to sign up for a * fun* fun * crop to benefit the Shriners children. If you missed my post below, we are offering a " Saturday only" crop price. Please join us in helping these precious children. I have visited the hospital in North Carolina and although it was late on Friday afternoon. There was a child or two, receiving therapy. And they have the biggest smiles. And to see the sparkle in their eyes, makes it all worth while. This crop will be a blast. And I am looking forward to spending time with each and everyone of these ladies that will be joining us. I have prepared for months, and I want to thank each one of you for helping these children. I want to make this a special event for you, because with out you, this would not happen. Be prepared to have a great time. See you Next Friday!!!!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Do you remember when the Sears ( Christmas) catalog came out. We would fight over who was going to look at it first. And the dog eared pages and black marker circles, how could mom possibly know what we had chosen. Well, I am sure the constant talking about how it would be cool if I had my own.........
Well, grandson #1 does this with the Party City Halloween Catalog. He looks at it all the time, even on the ride to school this morning. Telling me about how this one would be cool and that one. Telling me that he will be a Vampire next year and the year after that maybe a...........this is where I tuned him out. Oh, to be young again. In a few years he will not think it is cool to pick out a costume for Halloween, to soon he will be a "TEENAGER". Too Cool to participate in Halloween. Now that is a scary thought.......

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

What a day.... I met with the nice women that is planning the food part of out "Crop 2 Help Retreat". I can only say 3 words "Apple Cheese Bake". Have you had it? Sounds great to me, can't wait to try it. These women are wonderful cooks, and I know we are in for a treat. They will make it special. We decided yesterday that since we are not full and want to raise as much $ as possible for the children, we will open up a "Saturday Only" crop too.
You will be entitled to:
Cropping space
1 class
make n take ( stampin up)
Goodie bag
group photo
Accommodations for 1 night , if you want.( on a first come first serve bases)
Saturday night prize give a way
all for $65.00
Deadline if Friday October 13th.
Help us Help the children.
The "Daughter of the Nile" give our money to the Shriner's Hospital.
Our goal is to provide a better quality of life
to children who are in need.
While the children are in the hospital they, nor their parents, have any cost.
So by joining in on the fun at this crop you will be helping these children.
Call me if interested
Jerri Wood

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Oh, and I should tell you that the scrapbook store in Tuscaloosa has a box full of goodies to donate. It is coming together girls. And there is still time to join us...... we are going to have a blast.
I just loved seeing this in my e-mail last night.........gotta love em!!!!

Dear Jerri Wood:
Thank you for your interest in Making Memories® products. We are happy to inform you that your request will be fulfilled. Your product was requested on August 27 and will be arriving shortly. Thank you again for your request, and best of luck with your event!
Making Memories®

Thursday, October 05, 2006

What's in the mail today?
Everyday for weeks I have rushed home to look into my mailbox, for goodies. And everyday I find "NOTHING". I have contacted 20 different companies asking for donations. A friend told wished me luck in the crop, but hoped I wasn't disappointed. She had tried to have a crop and did not have a big response. I thought oh, there is enough of us with big hearts that will fill that retreat house. I was hoping to turn people away.
But as it turns out we still have places to fill. We have one more ploy, here is hoping it will soon show up in the Birmingham News. And I will have a answering machine full of requests. After all, remember the smiling faces of all those children we will be helping. No matter what they have been through, they always seem to have a smile to show. So let's show them we care.....And no, this is not my new mailbox, just thought it was a hoot!

Monday, October 02, 2006

Do you enjoy going to scrapbook stores you have never been to before?
had a little urge Saturday. Had to get my fix.......
so went to Huntsville to a old & new scrapbooking store, well, new to me. My sister in law, June is responsible for enticing me with the scrapbooking craze, many years ago. So now after her children are older she is ready to join us again.....I had a great time showing her all the new items that has come out. We even got Krispy Kreme. So if you are in Huntsville, Alabama check out the Rubber Stamp Lady, she is worth the stop. And the new to me store is Once upon a Scrap. She has old and new items, alot of Quick Kutz too. I have always enjoyed checking out all the shops I am near. Even on vacation I check out the yellow pages and go see the shops. You never know what you might find. Sometimes you will see old paper in a new light, new ideas, new paper or embellishments. Do you check out shops when you travel?????