Monday, October 30, 2006

Soooo yada yada....

Life has been spinning by as fast as it possiblely can the last couple of weeks. And so I have had not extra time to post on my blog. So today is catch up time. As you well, know the crop was great and we will be donating over $2000.00 worth of supplies and $400.00 cash to the hospital. We learned alot about each other and I look forward to next year.

Halloween is upon us and I have the past few years had a party for about 25 children. But this year it was impossible. So one of the mother is having a party and ask if I could make a few treats. Pictures to follow ( I hope).

My computer is having problems and hubby has not figured it out , yet. But I know he will. I have to go off line and back on to get my mail. For some reason it disconnects as soon as the mail is delivered. So keep your fingers crossed that this post goes through.

I am hosting another crop this Saturday but this one is for me. A chocolate birthday crop. I have been trying to complete the goodies for the party. And it has taken alot of my time this week, thank goodness we have been slow at the shop. And trying to find all the right chocolate to have at the party and the taste testing, someone had to do it. I will post a picture as soon as the party is over.

Oh, and the picture of my lastest book is above, love it!!! It is really funky and I am trying to create a ornament I saw in the book, will post pics later on this too. But if you get a chance, take a look see at this book. Not alot to do with scrapbooking but making jewery and crowns too. Did I say, I love it!!!

And on another note a friend of ours had open heart surgery this last week, Don is doing well but add him to your prayer list. He will have to change his life style quite a bit and this will be very hard on him.

Today I am off and I have to finish the chocolate covered apples for the kids party, go to Hobby Lobby and get stuff, grocery store

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