Wednesday, November 01, 2006

November is a good month ........
*the mornings are cooler and afternoons are warm in Alabama
* the leaves in out neck of the woods are beautiful this year
* after saturday, I can slow down for a week or so, the calendar seems to lighten up a bit.
* November is my Birthday month
* All the planning and prep for my party is almost over, these personalized goodies are great. Can't wait to show everyone.
* no more mowing the grass
* time to get ready for hot chocolate, hot cider and the wonderful latte's at Starbucks
* and pumpkin cream cheese muffin
* almost turkey time, with all the baking and cooking.
* go to bed early on Halloween night and 8 year olds roll your yard. It's all good!
I gotta LAUGH! guess it will rain today before I can get it cleaned up.......

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Jeanette said...

Sure, it's funny one time... maybe even twice. But do you remember when Bob & I were cleaning it up every weekend???? And out of huge Pecan trees at that!! Thanks Andrew!

Great rolling job Jackson Malik!!! ;o>

Oh and...


Love you!!!