Thursday, November 23, 2006

As you jump out of bed this morning, you realize you forgot the cranberry sauce. Daddy thinks you need that cranberry sauce in the can. Everything planned to the minute.... Turkey in at 8, check- noodles cooking for homemade mac and cheese, check- potatoes on at 10.30, check- green beans , check , deserts cooked yesterday, check check- cornbread dressing ready to go in oven, check- rolls going in just before dinner. It's Thanksgiving and all the stores are closed. Well, would anyone notice if there is not cranberry sauce??? Can I subtitute anything for cranberry sauce? Something that taste close to cranberry sauce.....Think Think Think!!!!!!!! As I am going through the pantry....We live in the country and the nearest Walmart is 25 minutes away. Which means I could skip my bath or not mop the floor and run out and get cranberry sauce, but it still needs to cool/set up. Could I put it in the freezer to speed up the process???? Grandson spilling on the floor yesterday leaves out the not mopping option. Thanksgiving with out cranberry sauce???.........sniff ,sniff under each arm ??, decisions to make......
Snort, snort, yawn , oh, it is just a dream..... I am going to mothers for Thanksgiving dinner.
Hope your blessing are abundant and your dreams are inspiring.
Happy Thanksgiving

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