Thursday, October 19, 2006

Busy Busy Busy
I have been a busy camper this week, preparing for the charity crop. I hope you are coming, because you are all in for a treat. I will spill the bag, here today on a few things that will be happening. You will be altering a Canvas for my class on Friday night. I wanted this to be a special class, and one you have not tried. I have kelp it fun and usable. Can't wait, hope you enjoy it. I received gifts yesterday to give away from one of the ladies at my shop. She sews, and was a stampin up dealer once upon a time. Can you guess what I have to give away....... Well, we will be giving away alot of goodies, all weekend. The lady ( Linda) that will be sitting up her store, will also be giving away goodies and surprises all weekend. Special sales, and treats. My mind has been going like crazy all week with little extras, so I am finishing item up today ( i hope).
Looking forward to seeing all of you on Friday for a fun filled weekend.......

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