Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Charity Crop-Ultra sound-Doctors Appointments- and Gummy Treats

How is that for a title?

~Well, I am coming off of a very exciting, fun and exhausting weekend. The Crop 2 Help Retreat that I host for the Shriners Hospital. There is 24 women in one house and we scrapbook, eat, laugh and sleep.

Seems I went to bed too early to see Jenny V sing her rendition of Tit Willow. And it also seems no one had a camera, I think that is too hard to believe. I bet there is black mail pictures that will surface, so Don't run for office Jenn.

Another success!

Thank you Ladies!

~Our DD is expecting again, with our third grandchild,

(keeping my fingers crossed that a little girl is growing inside of her very fertile tummy)

She was on the Depo shot for birth control but God had other plans. On Monday there was a ultra sound. I believe that it was more for a look see than a sex determination. Each of our grandchildren have February birthdays and so will this one.

So please say a little prayer for a happy healthy child.

~Seems we all had doctors appointment this week.

DD with the ultra sound, I had a appointment with a surgeon about a milk duct, and grandson #2 had a appointment with Rheumatology Doctor.

Not very productive at either appointment, they just want to keep an eye on the situation.

Which means we will have return visits in 3 to 6 months.

~Just for fun my BBF sends the boys a goody box, full of Gummy treats. Oh what fun to see them try and eat snot from a fake nose.

Who comes up with this stuff?


JennV said...

Ok... Just for you... AaaaHemmmm...

"Tit Wil-low, Tit Wil-low, Tit Wil-low!" (complete with the weird head bobbing I seemed not to be able to control while singing)

How on earth do I end up with the weird pages in your kits??? I think it's a conspiracy! LOL!


jennifer said...

It was an all round wonderful weekend! I needed that so much. Looking forward to seeing if I will be able to attend the crop in April.

Called and made my reservation at GiGis for the Crop Pink. The lady seemed surprised that I was attending alone. Hmmm. I guess I could bring the Geisha? She is about the only chick I know down here besides my kids LOL! An opportunity to meet new folks though, right?

Thanks for everything that you did to make the weekend a success.