Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Hubby is leaving tomorrow A.M to go to a fishing tournament. Four nights with no one pulling the cover over to his side, no one to cook for, fix lunches, watching any kind of sports, no ones dirty socks to pick up, next to the laundry hamper. No shoes left next by his chair, no hugs or bye kisses every morning. No snuggling at night, no back rubs, no one to watch the new shows with. I will miss you sweetie, good luck and be safe.


jennifer said...

Safe trip to T. You know what a baby I always acted like when Bryan was gone. Feel free to email and whine, because Lord knows, you have listened to me plenty!!

Do something nice for just YOU while he is gone.

JennV said...

Awwww. I agree with Jen... do something nice for Jerri while he's gone! Anyway, you will still have three other sets of feet to keep you company while he's gone.

Good Luck with the fishin T! Hurry home to your woman!