Friday, March 14, 2008

It is time for another episode of Show and Tell Friday.
But I am limited on time so I am going to combine this show and tell with a What is it?
Can you? Could you? Tell me what this is!
We have an idea, but we are not sure.
So leave me a post and I will let you know what we think on Saturday.
Have a Happy Friday!!!!!


Barbara H. said...

Hmmm -- no idea!!!

Penless Thoughts said...

No idea from me but very interesting!!!

Folded Wings said...

No idea either

Constance said...

A wax melting thngy for making candles? Kind of a double boiler of sorts?

JennV said...

Hrmmmm... It looks like the innards of something or other. I have a feeling where I'll find this and what kind of note will be on it when I come visiting tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

It is a biscuit cutter. The wire coil is a "comfort" grip.

cherished*vintage said...

huh...haven't got a clue. I love your new banner picture. I love pink!

Dawn said...

I haven't a clue. What is your guess?

Jen Glover said...

I love your banner and your blog! Too cute!

As for the item, It definitely looks like something my daughter would take into the sand box and have a wonderful time with!

Thanks for sharing!

jennifer said...

Hey Jerri - yesterday's story is up! Read the comments, you are mentioned!

I'm with Constance - something to do with candles and wicks maybe?