Thursday, December 22, 2005

3 Days till Christmas!!!! Well, I am going to make one last run to Walmart this morning. It is my week to get grocey's and there is nothing here to eat. I am dreading it so much. We have Christmas with Hubby family on Christmas eve lunch and My family Christmas night. So my daughter and grandsons want to eat here on Eve night. ( with left overs all Christmas day) So, I have menu in hand, last minute gift ideas and no desire to shop. Suck it up, be a adult, grow up, be a woman, stand tall, deal with it, you are a grown ass woman. No, that didn't help any. I guess it is the time of the season . I also pulled a mussel in my back and have a throat that feels like raw meat. Like I said tis the season. But don't you just love all the hipe.

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