Friday, October 28, 2005

I have a creative block! This is happening alot to me. Sometimes I seem to not get pages done fast enough and then the next day I can't come up with a good looking page at all. So I have not forced it and I am taking a break. I have only sat in my room to be on the computer. I even got my new CK magazine this week. Oh, well on to another story. I picked Grandson #1 up from school today and i could tell he had been crying. His eyes was puffy and he was not smiling. So I ask and he would not say a word. I Knew he did not want everyone to see him cry. So as we pulled off he burst into tears and I got out of him that they gave out the prizes for the top sellers in the fundraising today. The one we had decided not to participate in because we had too much going on at this time. And it is not like they won't have more. He said they got balls and light up ink pens. It was not the big stuff he was upset about but the little junk. SO what was Nanny idea. Let's run by the store ( Dollar General) and you can pick out something that you want. He got a lighted pen and once again Nanny saved the afternoon.......Have a great weekend yall!

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