Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Oh, my goodness batman!!!! Candy! Candy! Candy! I gave in to the big green monster, and ate candy last night. Chocolate was my candy of choice. Reeses, Crunch, Baby Ruth, Bom Bom, and Halloween coin crunchy things, my! I haven't eaten this much in Years. I don't buy it because we don't have Treat or Treaters. ( we live too far off the road) I always pick up a bag of what my Hubby likes and Bubble gum just in case. But when Grandson #1 game in with a bag full and poured it all out in the floor, I was drawn to the Chocolate. It was calling my name......Jerri ....... Jerri...... Eat me! So I did! It really did not have to convince me!!!! I hope everyone had a save and Happy Halloween.

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