Sunday, November 06, 2005

Happy Birthday to Me !!! It is "MY" birthday and I will cry if I want to!!!!

Well, another year has passed with only two crying spells, yelling at my beloved hubby only a few times, and disappointment for 4 days, so far. It is over, my 45th birthday came with no party, no visitors, no trips to celebrate. I hear my self blubber but I can't stop. The glowing eyes of the birthday monster has reared her ugly head at my house. I think it is worse this year because I was expecting more. Forty-five is a milestone. I am always expecting more. I didn't want bands and banner. But I did expect more. As the days passed I thought friends would visit and celebrate, just any minute. But as reality set in, I sit here blubbering again. So make that 3 times , I have burst into tears. Hubby did stay home with me on my Birthday and we had a wonderful day. I love birthdays and I think everyone should celebrate a week long, we deserve it! I'm just a silly old women, another year older. If 45 can do this to me, I really want to warn all to run take cover cause 50 is next!!!! The year is 2005. Remember you have been warned!!!!

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