Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Another busy day but a busy day at home. I mopped myself to the computer, so I am waiting for the floors to dry. I have washed 6 loads of clothes ( 3 loads of towels). (Who knew we had this many towels)cleaned my bedroom and hung up all the clothes I tried on yesterday getting ready, vacuumed, dusted the whole house , folded all the clothes, loaded the dish washer after cleaning out the fridge, priced and loaded 2 boxes of treasures that need to go to the Antique store, decorated a mini tree for the table top, now all I have is bathroom duty. I always leave it for last. And it is noon. Not bad! But I really need to get to those Christmas cards today. I haven't even started them. I know what I want to make, I really have several ideas floating in my head. We will see how they turn out. Well the floor is dry. Happy Tuesday everyone!

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