Thursday, November 24, 2005

One Thanksgiving Day many years ago, my mother was preparing dinner for the whole family. We had just recently moved to the country and was excited to share a meal with family in our new home. We had all worked hard to make everything just right. Mother had been up early cooking her heart out. She had mixed up the corn bread dressing and was going to take a quick shower before she finished up. My brother walked in and Mom told him not to forget to feed the hunting dogs. ( as she was running down the hallway to take her bath.) He asked if she had scraps and she told him there was some on the table. As you may have guessed. Brother had took out the pan of dressing and feed the dogs. We all chipped in and made more and no one knew what had happened but us. Today we had a wonderful lunch at mom's , and I always think about the Thanksgiving the whole family ( dogs included) had a fulfilling Thanksgiving meal.

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