Friday, September 23, 2005

A page challenge-Thing( s) I Love........ Had to think about this one. Well. The obvious is family, friends, and all the feeling that come along with being in love, being a mother and grandmother. Waking up each morning, being fairly healthy, my home , my world, my god. So what can I create. Maybe something about just ME. I have this little obsession with old jars and buttons. Everytime a jar of buttons come up for auction, I bid. My aunt Callie Ruth gave me a jar several years ago. She was brought up to use everything. I am sure she had cut them off of all her families clothing for years. Only to use the clothing for rags until you could not use them any more. I loved looking at these buttons and thinking they had come from clothing before I was even born. New and old. I realize now that some buttons are worth $ but to me they are worth much more. A memory of days gone and little old women using it all. This is my page - I am a Button Junkie.

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