Saturday, September 17, 2005

Shhhhhh.......I am all alone in my house. It is soooooo quite you can hear the birds outside and the water in the garden pond. Daughter and grandson's have moved back in ( almost 2 months now). No one is at home but me, on a Saturday, and it is great. Most nights as hubby and I go to bed, I whisper to him "I want my house back". I would never say this to daughter cause I know she is trying to get her head above water. The boys are well, let's face it , they are boys and 7 and 7 months, It is just great to be here with Nanny and PawPaw. They are getting alot of attention. Class went well today. First time at new scrapping store. Had 11 people taking the class. Not back for 1st time to see my work. Even sold the samples. Got feedback from the ladies they want to take a card class next month too. Got a class at Michael's Thursday night, got to get busy and design it. Maybe while the house is quite. Turn on some music and create.

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