Tuesday, September 20, 2005

I love getting new scrapbooking goodies! And when bestfriend sends me a goodie bag , I get sooo excited and have to try them out. Her store has different things than, I can get here. And I got new paper in the Jasper store on Saturday. YEAH!!!! I have been picking out pictures to go with all the new pretty paper I got. I even got the camera and took a couple of pictures to go with the paper I got. I need help. Going to have a photo shoot next week with the grandsons, to go with the new black and white paper I got. Got a class on Thursday night, it is going to be good to see my buddies. I was sooo excited with the new paper on Sunday I came up with a cute layout. I would download it if I knew how to. Got to get someone to show me. haha It is a dating layout. Pam's daughter is dating for the first time. I wish I had taken pics of Jessica's first date.

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