Sunday, July 19, 2009

Yesterday I took a Christmas in July sewing class.
We had the best time!We made the garland!
And then the Christmas card.
Wonder who will be good enough to get one of my cards this year.
I assure you not everyone will get one of these.
I can't just see them in the trash after the season is over.
Too much work went into these babies.
And then we used the same technique to make a gift bag.
Can you believe how cute they are.
The bag it's self is the gift.
I hate I didn't take my camera.
It was a small class but we had a great time.
Linda is a great instructor.
Maybe we need to have another class before Christmas.
What you think, Linda?
So I guess this means, I have started my Christmas creating.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the class. I really had fun teaching, and it was interesting to see how each one of you interpreted each item. Each card and bag was different. I would like to do another class! Maybe after school starts - A daytime weekday class - for mothers after the children are in school for the day. We will discuss it.


jennifer said...

The pictures are fabulous. Tell Linda she taught you some cool things!! said...

Where and when was this class? Loked like fun.