Friday, July 03, 2009

Had my final Doctor's appointment yesterday. I really had worked my self up and thought this surgery was going to be worse than it was. Maybe it was the surgeon, she is a gentle woman. And I had very little pain, no bruising and now I have a smiley face scare on my right breast. But all is well and she said, just keep up with your mammograms and call me if you need me. Love it!
I cleaned house yesterday, having a 4th get to gather. But I did leave alittle early and get to the Paper works outlet downtown. I needed to get paper products for the Crop 2 Help event in September. When I get a idea, I have to run with it, right a way! I was disappointed. I have noticed inventory in shops are at a all time low, economy and all that. I don't get to go often, but something has changed. So I went on to Party City and found some great things. I drove out to Scrap Mania, I haven't been there since I taught a class in November of last year. I got to see Nonna, that was worth the trip. And I flipped the top down and drove home on some country roads. All and all, Lola and I had a great day. But back to work today. So I will be closed on Saturday to celebrate the 4th. So eat some BBQ, slurp down some home made ice cream,join in on the watermelon seed spitting contest, and finish off the day with fireworks, but have a safe celebration.

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Jeanette said...

So glad your appt. went well. Sorry I couldn't meet you at Mania. Glad you had fun! I can't even watch fireworks this weekend! :(