Friday, July 10, 2009

I know... I know... I missed Thrifty Thursday again. But This is what I got at the auction on Sunday. A box full of this gold glass. I have a few customers that love it. So come on down and we will MAKE A DEAL! I will even have it packed for you since I haven't had the time to unpack it, so far. We have had a few busy days at the shop. Not complaining, just a fact. It took a while yesterday to clean up , what we messed up re- doing the room I posted yesterday. Oh and Bad Jerri. I forgot to Thank Barbara,
Barbara is a sweetie. She retreats to the shop when I need to be off, she is so talented and without her, the shop would not look the same. And Barbara, I sold a few things out of that booth yesterday after u left. So it is working.........

Back to the few items I got at Auction.
These picture frames are great. I like the two old ones. I had to drop them off at the shop, on Sunday so they wouldn't get left at my house.

I guess I have a egg or Chicken thing. I have bought a few related egg things lately. Remember the Mailing egg crates I bought at the Dixie Highway Sale? Have I ever told, that my parents had big raising hen Houses? And I worked them for several years, Oh the teen age years. I would ask to borrow the car to go to town...This sound really hick now....Mom would say, go borrow your Dad truck. I am not picky, I would rack out the Chicken SH*# and got to town. I got use to the smell.

Now, I have not taken alot of Pictures the last month and yesterday I did get a few of Toot. He is teething.
And chews on anything, even his own built in chew toy....his hands.
Well, thank god it is Friday. I am ready. I have cracked a tooth and have had alittle pain for the last two days. Dentist will not be in until Tuesday. Appointment at 10. Hope I don't drive my family crazy by then.
Enjoy your day, my friends.

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jennifer said...

Look at Toot! He is so cute. Love your finds - the gold glass is starting to call to me.

Hope you don't hurt too much over the weekend - I'm sorry about the cracked tooth.