Thursday, July 16, 2009

Boy, I am pooped.
That Barbara is a work horse, slave driver kinda gal.
No not really, we work good together.
We tried to re-vamp this spot in the shop yesterday.
It is in the front of the store.
We had visitors, vendors, customers and we had stuff all over the place.
But we muddle through.
And I think it looks good, completely different from the white and pint that was there.
And this is what it is all about, getting people to notice items but rearranging.
Today we are just going to clean up our mess, and maybe fluff up a place or two.
Have a good day!


jennifer said...

The booth looks great! And of course I'm not surprised - you ladies are so creative.

Hope Malott said...

I spy it's almost 4:20...