Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Lola almost got a ticket yesterday.
I think she might be too much car for me.
She drives so good that she was doing 65 before I knew it.
And when i looked up, one of Cleveland's police was behind me.
He let me go and told me to slow down.
Thank You!
So on to more pleasant things.
Barbara and I will be re-decorating this morning.
We have a booth in the shop that needs help.
So we are there.
Look for photo's soon.

I have been meaning to post Grandson #2 T-Ball pic.
I cut everyone out but these two. (BBF)
Can you just see them in the outfield picking daises and grass, while their glove lays a few feet away.
Look at that cheesy grin, I love it.
Happy Wednesday!


jennifer said...

No matter what you ever think, G#2 is an angel... the proof is on his shirt :) That is the cutest Tball photo!

Jeanette said...

Dear Hellonwheels, slow down please! So glad you didn't get a ticket :) I love the picture of M, he's such a doll! said...

Maybe he did not have the heart to give a "mature"woman in a convertible a ticket!!

GIRL DO LIKE I DO... Radar Detector!! I got one in every car..

Keep the pedal to the metal.. You might miss something being slow!