Saturday, July 11, 2009

Do you see what I see?
My Grandsons love these type of books.
All these goodies came from a Yard Sale on Friday.
It was alot of what I call Junkie Junk.
So enlarge this picture and see all of my treasures.
I also got a box of old material, lace and a wedding dress.
All for the great price of $30.00
Lucky me!
Have a good weekend!


JennV said...

I'm all caught up on your blog finally! YAY! No, I haven't posted yet to mine. LOVE all the goodies! The doll shoes are too stinkin cute, Giggled at the cheerleader BD Candle holders, and is that a cardboard fan up there in the corner? A couple of things jumped out though... WHAT is that red thing over on the left side? Last thing... what are those pink and yellow picks in the little jar? I blew that pic up to like 300% and still could only identify them as humanoid, and one riding a horse!?!


Jerri junque said...

What, the old AM radio? Is that what you saw? Oh, honey I dug in boxes and had the best time. I still havn't priced it. I am still looking at it. Next time you need a perm, just let me know, I got the stuff.......

jennifer said...

LOVE the old ornaments and the candy pink gloves. You got so many cool Junkie junk items!!