Friday, July 17, 2009

With the way our economy has been this year, I have missed some of the magazines that has gone out of business. Not only in decorating but scrapbooking too. I have seen many last issues and I am excited about a new one starting in the fall. I love this type of magazine. They take outdoor sprinklers and it becomes...... This!
I love to Recycle and Re-use.
I have done this for years.
Not because I am GREEN.
Because I am Thrifty, in other words
I am counting down the day until the
In 20 days Hubby and I will be traveling to get great bargains.
Things that we haven't seen in Alabama.
The unusual.
The new, to me!
I can't wait.


Hope Malott said...

Hey jerri, I'm planning my second trip to the WLYS! This year i am heading to Ohio but first picking up my sisters in pitts!

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