Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Valentine Tip
With Valentine just around the corner, I wanted to share a tip.
When Grandson #1 was about 5, the Valentine Bandit came to visit every morning starting
Feb 1st. He would leave a heart cover pencil or a sticker, something inexpensive. The child looked so forward to it that he jumped out of bed ready and eager for 14 days. ( which was a reward for us, he has never been a easy child to get up, and still isn't)
On Valentine's day, he woke up to a curtain of hearts hanging in his doorway, and a Valentine Cupcake.
He still talks about the Valentine Bandit.
Why don't you play bandit, you can be the Valentine Bandit to your hubby, or friend that needs cheering up.
Give this a thought .
I think I will once again pull out that bandit mask, so beware the Valentine Bandit may strike again.


jennifer said...

This is a good idea. I need to plan now if I do it b/c sometimes I loose steam and it could be SAD if Mr. Bandit doesn't show up one night. I am going to consider this. I have also thought of giving hubby a note every night the week before Vday with something that I did especially for him. It could be 'folded his socks' or something but I'll let him know I was thinking about him when I did it. So hard to be romantic every year - I'm just not that creative! Jennifer

Oh, and you received a prestigious award from me - see my site!

JennV said...

That is a Fantastic Idea! This is only one of the oh... hundred or so so far reasons I wanna be just like you when I grow up! :o)


Vikki said...

Love the idea!!! I might just have to do that this year!