Tuesday, January 15, 2008

As promised, a picture of my swaps. I can't show the contents, and the gals that will receive them, do not know which one is theirs. I still have a few items to add before they are shipped. But by next Monday , I feel sure they will be on the way to Florida and California. ************* Side bar*************Oh, how I wish I was at the beach tomorrow. Listening to the surf, hot sun beating down on me , a cool drink in hand, a small breeze, and sand at my feet. Instead high 30's, cold, chapped lips, hands and toes feel like ice cubes, and a runny nose.

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jennifer said...

OOOOH, very pretty. Worth every ounce of weight that I gained from eating the chocolate for you! Jerri, it SLEETING! Snow in Alabama, maybe, please Lord?