Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Tag you it!
I have been tagged by my friend Jennifer, now I have to do for her since I had a hand in her starting her blog. So in away it is my fault. So here it goes....
1. I have been telling my hubby that I am going through the change for about 5 years now. It is the only way I can explain my out burst of anger. But it is usually when he leaves his underwear in the floor next to the hamper. Boy is he in for a shock when I do really go through it.
2. I need to Think less- I can make a mountain out of a mole hill. In my head anyway.
3.I love flowers, I love to get flowers. I don't care if they will die in a day or two, I just like them. And I buy them for myself alot. Not from the florist but just at Wal-mart.
4. I don't have friends my own age. They don't get me.
5.I am obsessed with my weight. I always have been. I cry almost weekly. I go on a diet every week. This has been going on for years. And I just watch my scales move higher each week. I have been on a so called diet for 2 weeks, I have gained a pound each week.
Per #2 Think less
6. I want a new car, but without payments. But the thing is I want a convertible. A sports car. A red convertible. I want the scarf flying in the wind. My hair blowing behind me. ( I have short hair) But I want it...... Now how can I go junkin and buy anything and get it home in a convertible. I have the answer, I can just put the top down....
7. I will eat anything once. I have tried squirrel dumplings, gator, raw fish, squid and much more. But it may be a one time meal. Life is too short, not to enjoy all of it.
Okay Jennifer you ask for it.


jennifer said...

Thank you Jerri. A few thoughts: maybe not think less, but think differently? You are a cool lady and one of my favoritest friends. Maybe if you saw in you what others see, you wouldn't be hard on yourself (weight) or a "mountain" climber. And through Faith, we can move those mole hill mountains in our lives (sorry to sound like a goof ball here). I don't know when I will get to the point where I have peace with myself pertaining to my weight. I may never, but I do know that I'm not alone in the body image battle. And lastly, when you do get your convertible sports car, can we ride to the scrapbook store, both of our scarves, your hair, and my 3 strand twig flying in the wind? See you tomorrow or the next day - Jennifer

Hey, I hope your back is better by the way. You are in my prayers.

jennifer said...

And by the way, hop over to my blog and check out my pointer thingy! So cool -Jennifer

Hope said...

Hey Jerri,
I followed the Jennifer trail over here to visit.
I enjoyed reading your 7 things list. My DH and I love junkin so I'll have to check out your blog carefully!! Didn't I get a glimpse of a big box of buttons?? Come on over and visit me. If you look through my archives you'll see all my button collection.

Nice to meetcha!