Thursday, January 10, 2008

I am in morning. I must say goodbye to my old friend. She would give me freedom, warmth and comfort me almost every night. My old ragged, worn out many years ago night gown has to be thrown out. I realized last week that she had gotten tangled in the dryer and ripped once again. I stitched her up and wore her one more. Just to feel her rip again in my sleep. Oh , how can I throw her out. She was always there for me. But it is time, time to say good bye. Have you ever had that piece of clothing that is worn thin, and feels so comfortable, you should have thrown it out years ago. But it is so hard. As you know I hate change, I can't stand to try and find that perfect gown again. I know it had passed it "SEXY" stage over 5 years ago. And I could not wear it away from home. It might take me another 5 or 10 years to wear in another, but I guess I am willing to try. Goodbye old friend.


Dianna said...

I've snooped through this blog enough to know that if someone could make something clever out a piece of that fabric, it is you*!* Go ahead, make you a little memory to commemorate your *old friend*!

Anonymous said...

You've seen the page I made of Em wearing my sweatshirt from High School - a twenty year old sweatshirt (sigh) - so I guess you could say that I hang on to things for sentimental reasons too.
sorry about the gown. It's a tough blow when it's our comfort zone. - Jen T.