Sunday, January 27, 2008

Just a quick post of the goodies I got in the mail on Friday from my friend and swap partner Dianna. I have already been playing with the contents. I had my camera with me at the shop and took pictures in stages. It is so cute and I love it!

Thanks Dianna!


jennifer said...

green, GrEeN, GREEN, with envy. I love the goodies that you got in the mail. Glad you put all that work into the swap, aren't you.
I hate what happend to the auction place. The skylight was beautiful. I'm glad the fire didn't hurt anyone. I wonder if they lost alot of merchandise too. This really is sad.

jennifer said...

Oh, and call me at home Monday if you decide to get out and about. I can't really spend any money 'cause I've done too much of that lately. But I can look.....Jennifer