Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Ten things I want to say to 10 different people
I found this challenge on Irasema's blog. When I read her post today, I realized just how liberating it could be to say whatever I want. So here goes, my ten things that I would like to say to ten different people.
1. Quit screaming
2. Another Football game? I Hate Football!!!!
3. I can't believe you changed your mind and didn't let me know.
I gave mine up to help you.
4. Why do you not use me?
I am here and willing
5. I don't care how much $ your hubby makes.
6. How can You love me, if I don't love myself.
7. Come on already, grow up!
8. Thank you for saving me!
9. Will you be my friend?
10. How could you?


jennifer said...

You know, after I published mine, I nearly deleted it? Putting my real thoughts out there (even though the names weren't on it) made me uncomfortable.

I'm glad you did it too!

Have a great week Jerri.

JennV said...

After seeing that you and Jennifer and Irasema all are doing this, it makes me want to do it too. I hope y'all don't mind me picking it up too!

irasema said...

now if only i could get the courage to go up to them and tell them... that would be fun!